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Table of Contents

Chapter: The Big Changes

Office 2013 Overview

04m 25s

Office365 Overview

02m 59s


03m 56s

Using The Working Files

01m 22s

About The Author

00m 54s

The Office Account

03m 55s

Chapter: Excel 2013

Welcome To Excel 2013

05m 55s

Trendy Graphical Formula Updating

02m 29s

The Amazing Flash Fill

04m 35s

Recommended Charts

04m 9s

Recommended Pivot Tables

05m 30s

The New FORMULATEXT Function

03m 54s

Posting Excel Files Onto Social Networks

02m 36s

Cool Apps For Excel 2013

03m 54s

Chapter: Word 2013

The New Word Layout

06m 6s

Edit PDFs Without A Need For Adobe

02m 41s

Threaded Comments

04m 6s

Read Mode And Resume Read

05m 7s

Insert Online Images And Control Them With Ease

05m 52s

Publish Directly From Word To A Blog

04m 40s

Publish To Facebook And/Or Twitter

02m 59s

Office Apps For Word

04m 21s

Chapter: Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint Interface Introduction

06m 31s

Wide Screen And Alignment Guides

05m 31s

New Slideshow Functions - Including Active Zoom

05m 14s

Resume Reading And Threaded Comments

04m 28s

Creating MP4 Videos

03m 29s

Chapter: Access 2013

New Access Interface

04m 51s

Quick And Easy Object Creation

03m 14s

ADP Is Dead, Long Live Custom Apps

06m 17s

Chapter: Outlook 2013

The New Look And Feel Of Outlook

05m 32s

The Weather Bar

02m 21s

Manage Microsoft Hotmail/Livemail Accounts

02m 24s

Contacts Are Now People

03m 4s

Social Network Feeds Into People Cards

02m 36s

Chapter: Publisher 2013

Publisher 2013 Walk Through

04m 36s

Enhanced Image Tools

05m 11s

Commercial Printing From Pub Files

02m 50s

Chapter: Office 2013 Summary

Using OneNote 2013 In The Cloud

05m 18s

OneNote - Working With The Rest Of Office 2013

04m 10s

Moving On With Office 2013

03m 27s