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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Revit Structure 2014

01m 59s

Building Information Modelling

03m 13s

Using The Working Files

00m 50s

Chapter: The Basics

Welcome Screen

03m 37s


03m 25s

Autodesk 360

03m 58s

Ribbon Interface

04m 19s

Quick Access Toolbar

02m 44s

Options Bar

02m 37s

Properties Palette

04m 14s

Project Browser

04m 55s

Revit File Types

04m 28s

Drawing Area

04m 7s

Using The Mouse

03m 14s

View Control Bar

09m 6s

Status Bar

03m 27s

Chapter: Viewing Commands

Zooming and Panning

03m 52s

Viewing In 2D

03m 38s

Viewing In 3D

03m 51s

Using the Navigation Bar

02m 49s

Navigation Wheels

05m 53s

Using the View Cube

03m 52s

Visual Styles

04m 37s

Chapter: Starting Projects

Starting A New Project

03m 44s

Saving Projects

03m 51s

Importing a DWG

05m 1s

Adding New Levels

05m 13s

Adding Column Grids

06m 12s

Overview - Opening and Reviewing a Project

07m 43s

Chapter: Basic Drawing and Editing

Draw Tools

06m 14s

Drawing Aids

04m 2s

Selecting Elements

03m 55s

Modifying Multiple Elements

04m 21s

Drawing and Editing - Part 1

04m 27s

Drawing and Editing - Part 2

03m 24s

Moving and Copying Elements

04m 18s

Rotating Elements

04m 13s

Mirroring Elements

01m 57s

Creating Linear Arrays

02m 52s

Creating Radial Arrays

02m 40s

Modifying Elements

03m 48s

Aligning Elements

01m 49s

Splitting Linear Elements

02m 32s

Trimming And Extending Elements

03m 1s

Offsetting Elements

02m 26s

Overview - Editing Tools

03m 20s

Chapter: Levels and Grids

Setting Up Levels

05m 19s

Modifying Levels

04m 35s

Adding Grids

05m 56s

Modifying Grid Lines

03m 26s

Overview - Adding Levels and Grids

06m 24s

Chapter: Starting Structural Projects

Picking Up an Existing Structural Project

05m 31s

Importing and Linking CAD Drawings

04m 55s

Modifying Imported And Linked CAD Files

04m 49s

Overview - Linking And Importing CAD Files

04m 30s

Linking Other Revit Projects

03m 24s

Managing Linked Revit Projects

04m 2s

Copying And Monitoring Elements

02m 51s

Copy And Monitor Options

03m 49s

Working With Monitored Elements

05m 30s

Overview - Linking and Coordinating Projects

09m 20s

Chapter: Working with Views

Duplicating Views

05m 46s

Duplication Types

03m 7s

Adding Callout Views

03m 33s

Modifying Callouts

03m 5s

Setting The View Display

06m 2s


02m 28s

View Range

03m 18s

Overriding Graphics - Part 1

05m 14s

Overriding Graphics - Part 2

01m 41s

Creating Elevations

04m 12s

Modifying Elevations

03m 0s

Framing Elevations

04m 23s

Creating Sections

03m 37s

Modifying Sections

03m 48s

Overview - Creating Levels, Sections And Callouts

06m 17s

Chapter: Adding Columns And Walls

Placing Vertical Structural Columns

03m 38s

Modifying Columns

02m 41s

Changing Column Sizes

02m 31s

Loading Structural Column Types

04m 34s

Attaching Columns To Elements

05m 8s

Placing Slanted Structural Columns - Elevations Or Sections

03m 49s

Placing Slanted Structural Columns - 3D

03m 58s

Placing Walls

03m 20s

Modifying Walls

03m 46s

Overview - Adding Columns And Walls

04m 49s

Chapter: Adding Foundations

Creating Wall Footings

06m 42s

Step Footings

03m 28s

Isolated Footings

06m 30s

Working With Custom Families - Part 1

07m 32s

Working With Custom Families - Part 2

03m 25s

Piers and Pilasters

04m 6s

Slab Foundations

05m 51s

Editing a Slab

02m 14s

Slab Edges

03m 50s

Overview - Adding Foundations - Part 1

08m 9s

Overview - Adding Foundations - Part 2

03m 3s

Chapter: Structural Reinforcement

Structural Reinforcement

03m 48s

Structural Reinforcing Settings

06m 20s

Adding Rebar

06m 9s

Multi-Planar Rebar

06m 5s

Viewing Rebar In 3D

04m 51s

Modifying Rebar Placement

05m 9s

Rebar Types

04m 5s

Editing Plan And Section Profiles

03m 55s

Reinforcing Walls, Floors And Slabs

05m 23s

Area Reinforcement

05m 3s

Path Reinforcement

04m 52s

Modifying Area And Path Reinforcement

04m 54s

Fabric Reinforcement

05m 56s

Overview - Structural Reinforcements

06m 37s

Chapter: Beams and Framing

Placing Beams

08m 4s

Placing Beam Systems

04m 30s

Modifying Beams

03m 36s

Sloping Beams

03m 28s

Adding Cantilevers

02m 9s

Attaching A Column To A Beam

02m 16s

Adding Joist Extensions

02m 45s

Applying Beam Coping And Notching

02m 59s

Editing Beam Joints

02m 50s

Beam And Framing Annotation

04m 42s

Overview - Beams and Framing

04m 11s

Adding Bracing

03m 31s

Creating Groups

04m 34s

Cross Bracing Settings

03m 13s

Overview - Bracing Frames

05m 12s

Chapter: Floors and Shafts

Creating Floor Systems

04m 33s

Adding Floor Slabs

04m 48s

Creating Shaft Openings

06m 38s

Framing Shaft Openings

05m 56s

Overview - Adding Slabs And Creating Shaft Openings

06m 24s

Chapter: Construction Documents

Setting Up Sheets

05m 32s

Sheet And Title Block Properties

04m 42s

Placing Views On Sheets

06m 21s

Editing Views On Sheets

03m 26s

Working Inside Views

02m 42s

Adding Revisions

03m 53s

Overview - Creating Sheets

06m 18s

Printing Sheets

03m 21s

Printing Options

02m 46s

Chapter: Annotating Construction Documents

Using Dimensions

05m 18s

Editing Dimensions

04m 12s

Using Text

02m 48s

Setting And Formatting Paragraphs

02m 17s

Spell Checking

03m 5s

Using Text Types

02m 46s

Detail Lines and Symbols

04m 1s

Creating Legends In A Project

07m 13s

Overview - Annotating Construction Documents

05m 17s

Chapter: Scheduling

Structural Schedules

05m 52s

Graphical Column Schedules

05m 25s

Modifying Graphical Column Schedules

03m 34s

Material Takeoff Schedules

06m 14s

Additional Schedules

03m 26s

Overview - Revit Schedules And Takeoffs

06m 44s

Chapter: Detailing

Setting Up Detail Views

07m 15s

Connecting A Callout To A Drafting View

04m 20s

Saving Drafting Views

02m 31s

Details With Lines And Components

04m 15s

Annotating Details

05m 2s


02m 7s

Overview - Detailing

03m 28s

Chapter: Wrap-Up

Finishing Up

01m 35s

Chapter: Credits

About The Author

01m 37s