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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation And Initial Configuration

Introduction to VMWare vSphere Administration

04m 31s

About The Author

01m 6s

Virtualization Overview - Part 1

12m 7s

Virtualization Overview - Part 2

06m 44s

Virtualization Overview - Part 3

08m 55s

Installing ESXi

08m 32s

Configuring ESXi With DCUI Interface

11m 46s

ESXi Shell Commands

04m 48s

Chapter: Working With the vSphere Client

Installing vSphere Client

01m 45s

Managing Hosts With vSphere Client - Part 1

08m 44s

Managing Hosts With vSphere Client - Part 2

07m 26s

Chapter: Networking

Introduction To Networking

11m 10s

Adding Port Groups And VMKernel Ports

06m 0s

Network Traffic Shaping And Load Balancing

10m 57s

Chapter: Storage

VMFS File System

09m 26s

Configuring iSCSI

10m 58s

Storage Path Selection

08m 23s

NFS Datastores

05m 44s

Chapter: Virtual Machines

Creating Virtual Machines: Windows 2008 R2 X64

11m 2s

Installing VMware Tools

08m 35s

Virtual Machine Settings

12m 19s

Virtual Machine Snapshots

07m 7s

Virtual Machine Settings For Performance

09m 36s

Optimizing Performance With Paravirtual Devices

08m 36s

Chapter: vCenter

vCenter Install

05m 31s

Adding Host To vCenter

07m 25s

vCenter Server Settings

08m 2s

Roles And Permissions

11m 17s

Configuring Alarms

08m 58s

Scheduled Tasks

03m 32s

Events And Logs

04m 30s

Deploying Virtual Machines From Templates

08m 7s

Chapter: vSphere Web Client

Installing vSphere Web Client

02m 15s

Using vSphere Web Client

07m 55s

Chapter: Performance

Performance Graphs

14m 42s


03m 44s

Resource Reservations And Limits

06m 45s

Resource Pools

08m 28s

Chapter: vMotion

Storage vMotion

05m 36s


07m 6s

Chapter: Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

Creating A DRS Cluster

06m 49s

Configure DRS Cluster

05m 38s

DRS Recommendations

07m 40s

Chapter: High Availability (HA)

Configuring HA

12m 10s

HA Failover

07m 25s

Chapter: vCenter Update Manager (VUM)

Installing VUM

04m 7s

Configuring VUM

05m 4s

VUM Baselines, Scanning, And Remediation

09m 18s

Updating Virtual Machine Hardware And Tools Using VUM

03m 18s

Chapter: vSphere Data Protection (VDP)

vSphere Data Protection Install And Initial Config

06m 29s

vSphere Data Protection Backup And Restore

06m 2s

vSphere Data Protection File Level Restore

02m 15s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 28s