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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Outlining What Is Covered In This Course

01m 54s

Who Can Benefit From This Course

02m 1s

Setting Up The Working Files

02m 30s

Relinking To Assets

05m 19s

Chapter: Introducing Video Editing In Photoshop

Explaining The Workflow

03m 20s

Walking Through A Project

07m 55s

Touring The Timeline

07m 40s

Checking Out Timeline Keyboard Shortcuts

06m 16s

Chapter: Working With Assets In The Timeline

Adding Assets To A Project

08m 17s

Rearranging And Trimming Clips

09m 37s

Changing Clip Speed: Slow And Fast Motion

09m 45s

Adding Transitions Between Clips

08m 21s

Chapter: Adding And Adjusting Audio

Adding Supported And Unsupported Audio File Formats

06m 26s

Controlling Audio Levels

07m 29s

Mixing Audio

06m 39s

Manually Creating Audio Crossfades

12m 17s

Chapter: Adding Text, Shapes, And Graphics To The Timeline

Working With Text, Shapes, And Graphics

04m 7s

Creating A Text Clipping Mask

04m 2s

Adding 3D Text

08m 47s

Chapter: Applying Motion, Filters, Layer Styles, And Adjustment Layers

Using Motion Presets: Panning, Zooming, And Rotation

08m 38s

Applying Filters

10m 15s

Working With Layer Styles

09m 21s

Using Adjustment Layers

10m 51s

Chapter: Animating Motion And Effects With Keyframes

Using Keyframes With Transform Properties

14m 46s

Animating Opacity

05m 39s

Changing Layer Styles Over Time

11m 19s

Using Hold Keyframes With Text Warp

04m 58s

Chapter: Exporting A Timeline

Understanding Exporting

03m 37s

Exporting A Timeline To H.264 (.MP4)

06m 10s

Exporting A Timeline To Quicktime (.MOV)

05m 17s

Chapter: Acknowledgements, Resources, And Goodbye


00m 48s

Author Bio And Resources

02m 33s