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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is The Cloud?

10m 17s

Scalability And Costs In The Cloud

05m 52s

Cloud Impacts On Architecture

04m 50s

Creating A Cloud Account With AWS

03m 6s

Chapter: Amazon Web Services Overview

AWS Value Propositions

03m 36s

Regions And Availability Zones

03m 33s

Introduction To Service Families

07m 26s

Roll Your Own Vs. AWS-Supplied Services

03m 38s

Interfaces: Web GUI, APIs, And SDK

07m 40s

Introduction To Authentication And Authorization

06m 55s

Chapter: EC2 Virtual Servers

Instance Types, Security Groups, Keypairs, And User Data

10m 26s

EC2 Disk Options: EBS Vs. Ephemeral

06m 57s

Spinning Up Your First EC2 Server And SSHing In

09m 57s

EC2 Gotchas: Keypairs, DNS Changes, Etc.

04m 11s

Templatizing Servers With AMIs

03m 21s

EBS: Snapshots, Attaching, And Detaching

13m 17s

Pricing Model For EC2

07m 53s

Making An AMI

05m 7s

Chapter: Elastic Load Balancers

Elastic Load Balancers: Introduction

05m 5s

Elastic Load Balancers: Lab

10m 15s

Chapter: AutoScaling And CloudWatch

Using AutoScaling and CloudWatch

13m 17s

Chapter: CloudFormation

Setting Up A CloudFormation

07m 50s

Chapter: Storage In AWS

Available Storage Types: S3, RDS, And Dynamo

08m 41s

Chapter: Relational Database Service

Provisioning An RDS

03m 31s

Chapter: Simple Storage Service

Introduction To S3

07m 27s

Advanced Features Of S3

06m 37s

S3 Hands On

05m 41s

S3 Cmd Tool Setup And Usage

05m 53s

Chapter: CloudFront

A Quick Tour of CloudFront

05m 6s

Chapter: ElastiCache

Provisioning An ElastiCache Instance

03m 31s

Chapter: Virtual Private Cloud

Introduction To VPC

10m 1s

Advanced VPC: Networking, Stacks, Etc.

03m 24s

Chapter: Simple Notification Service

Introduction To SNS

03m 58s

Use Cases And Best Practices

02m 27s

Chapter: Simple Email Service

SES - An In-Depth Look

05m 48s

Chapter: Simple Queuing Service

Overview Of Queues

04m 19s

Introduction To SQS

05m 19s

SQS Use Cases

02m 52s

Chapter: Identity And Access Management (IAM)

Introduction To IAM

09m 58s

IAM Advanced Topics

04m 3s

IAM Hands On

06m 39s

Chapter: Route 53

A Close Look At Route 53

03m 22s

Chapter: Building A 3 Tier Scalable Web Application In The Cloud

Application Overview

02m 40s

Download And Modify CloudFormation Template - Part 1

02m 56s

Download And Modify CloudFormation Template - Part 2

03m 34s

Download And Modify CloudFormation Template - Part 3

02m 9s

Build Stack With CloudFormation

11m 11s

Review Stack In Web GUI

05m 22s

Simulating Load On The Application

14m 41s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

01m 18s

About The Author

02m 40s