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Chapter: Introduction To Regular Expressions

Introduction Regular Expressions With Mike McMillan

02m 48s

Installing Grep In Windows

03m 34s

Search Strings With Grep

03m 39s

Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Preg_Match In PHP

04m 6s

Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Objects In JavaScript

04m 1s

Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Patterns In C#

03m 49s

Evaluating Regular Expressions Using Classes In Java

03m 14s

Practice Exercise - Part 1

03m 15s

Practice Exercise - Part 2

02m 37s

Chapter: Using Metacharacters

Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 1

06m 51s

Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 2

05m 12s

Exploring Metacharacters Using Grep - Part 3

03m 31s

Shortcuts With Metacharacters

03m 24s

Email Validation With PHP

03m 46s

Zip Code Validation With C#

04m 26s

Creating Word Boundaries With Java

02m 52s

Choosing Alternatives with JavaScript

02m 52s

Chapter: Matching Text

Matching Text Using Grep - Part 1

03m 34s

Matching Text Using Grep - Part 2

02m 54s

Date Matching With PHP

03m 29s

Time Matching With JavaScript

03m 20s

Matching IP Addresses With C#

03m 54s

Validating URLs Using Java

03m 1s

Practice Exercise - Chapter 3

03m 20s

Chapter: Modifying Text

Replacing Strings With Java

03m 41s

Replacing Text with PHP

03m 51s

Replacing Duplicate Words With C#

02m 56s

Replacing Numbers Using JavaScript

04m 21s

Practices Exercise - Chapter 4

02m 46s

Chapter: Advanced Uses For Regular Expressions

The Split Function In Java

03m 34s

Checking Passwords Using JavaScript

02m 59s

Validating URLs With PHP

03m 35s

Verifying A Windows Path With C#

03m 38s

Practice Exercise - Chapter 5

04m 26s

Chapter: Wrap-up

Wrapping Up With Regular Expressions

00m 58s

Chapter: About The Author

About Mike McMillan

01m 52s