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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction And Project Overview

Welcome: About This Course

01m 56s

Using The Project Files

01m 38s

Chapter: Modeling The Chest And Upper Arm

Setting Up The Reference Planes

12m 15s

Starting The Torso

05m 34s

Continuing The Torso

07m 47s

Starting The Upper Arm

05m 41s

Adjusting The Flow Into The Arm

04m 41s

Connecting The Side Of The Torso

04m 42s

Correcting Flow

03m 41s

Back Muscles

07m 38s

Chapter: Modeling The Thigh

Gluteus Muscles

07m 6s


06m 56s

Starting The Quadriceps

07m 57s

Finishing The Quadriceps

06m 43s

Sartorius Muscle

07m 12s

Prep For Bridging

02m 45s

Bridging And Target Welding

07m 37s

More Bridging And Using Relax

08m 44s

More Bridging And Flow Connect

09m 29s

Adjusting Polygon Flow

06m 3s

Finishing The Outer Thigh

05m 22s

Bridging The Inner Thigh

14m 4s

Finishing The Inner Thigh

04m 4s

Chapter: Modeling The Lower Back And Abdominal Region

Bridging The Lats And Gluteus

08m 36s

Forming The Midline Of The Body

11m 36s

Starting The Abs

08m 32s

Closing The Upper Ab Gap

04m 8s

Closing The Lower Ab Gap

10m 59s

Using Chamfer To Redirect Flow

06m 57s

Using Bevel To Create Ab Muscles

08m 32s

Using Chamfer Inset And Bevel

09m 57s

Adding Lights For Better Visibility

04m 58s

Chapter: Modeling The Rest Of The Arm

Setting Up Reference Planes For The Arm

07m 48s

Continuing The Upper Arm

10m 44s

Upper Arm And Forearm

13m 16s

Continuing The Forearm

09m 31s

Bridging And Welding The Upper Arm

12m 36s

Bridging And Extruding Edges Of The Forearm

07m 56s

Adjusting The Flow Of The Biceps

08m 16s

Using Spin Edges To Adjust The Flow Of The Forearm

06m 8s

Finishing The Forearm

11m 55s

Chapter: Modeling The Hand

Modeling Plane For The Hand

03m 27s

Extruding The Palm

08m 22s

Extruding The Fingers

08m 34s

Refining The Fingers

06m 40s

Building The Thumb

08m 46s

Adjusting The Curvature Of The Hand

04m 31s

Fixing The Fingertips

09m 1s

Using Bevel Chamfer And Inset For Details

13m 29s

Using Inset And Extrude For Fingernails

07m 26s

Adjusting The Thumb

12m 38s

Chapter: Modeling The Lower Leg

Starting With The Calf Muscle

05m 12s

Extruding Edges Around The Knee Cap

06m 31s

Sides Of The Lower Leg

07m 24s

Shin Bone

06m 19s

Filling In Around The Knee Cap

06m 0s

Bridging The Back Of The Knee

09m 9s

Bridging The Inner Thigh

06m 52s

Finishing The Inner Thigh

05m 55s

Finishing The Lower Leg

13m 42s

The Achilles Tendon

05m 55s

Chapter: Modeling The Foot

Creating The Top Of The Foot

06m 53s

Defining The Ankle Bones

06m 24s

Continuing The Foot

06m 14s

The Sole Of The Foot

07m 55s

Capping The End Of The Foot

08m 25s

Extruding The Toes

12m 14s

Adjusting The Toes

14m 23s

Adjusting The Foot

05m 33s

Chapter: Realigning With The Gambler Drawing

Realigning With Concept Art

07m 5s

Chapter: Modeling The Face And Head

Starting The Face

08m 48s

Starting The Mouth

10m 24s

Creating The Jaw Line And Bridging The Cheek

07m 49s

Creating The Bridge Of The Nose

03m 20s

Forming The Nostril

12m 10s

Bridging The Chin

08m 1s

Adjusting Volume Using Paint Deformation

06m 26s

Creating The Skull Dome

10m 43s

Closing The Side Of The Skull

05m 11s

Starting The Ear

10m 3s

Preparing To Bridge The Ear

06m 2s

Bridging The Ear

08m 17s

Detailing The Ear

09m 2s

Chapter: Modeling The Eye Socket, Mouth Interior And Neck

Adding The Eye Socket

05m 4s

Adding The Eye Ball

06m 49s

Starting The Neck

06m 7s

Joining The Neck And Head

12m 28s

Filling In The Back Of The Shoulder

12m 24s

Filling In The Front Of The Shoulder

10m 21s

Finishing The Neck

05m 37s

Joining The Halves And Adjusting

12m 33s

Finishing The Mouth

11m 59s

Chapter: Final Adjustments

Finishing The Body

07m 6s

Final Smoothing and Adjustments

05m 53s

Chapter: Wrap Up

The Gamblers Clothes

01m 40s

About The Author

02m 44s