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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What This Course Covers

03m 34s

Chapter: Installing Python

Installing Python In Windows

03m 19s

Installing Python On A Mac

01m 30s

Chapter: Writing Your First Program - Hello, World!

Entering And Running A Program In Windows

05m 10s

Entering And Running A Program On A Mac

01m 38s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 3

03m 27s

Chapter: Python Basic Data Types And Variables

Expressions, Statements, Variables

05m 11s

Working With Numbers

03m 42s

Working With Strings

04m 25s

Working With Booleans

02m 12s

Working With Lists

03m 4s

Working With Dictionaries

02m 0s

Working With Tuples

02m 26s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 4

03m 47s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 4

03m 28s

Chapter: Python Input/Output

Using The Print Function - Part 1

04m 39s

Using The Print Function - Part 2

03m 46s

Getting Input From The User

03m 51s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 5

03m 6s

Chapter: Making Decisions - if Statements

The Relational Operators

03m 19s

The Logical Operators

04m 50s

Simple if Statement

04m 19s

if-else Statement

03m 12s

if-elif Statement

05m 15s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 6

03m 13s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 6

02m 59s

Chapter: while Loops

Introduction To while Loops

04m 46s

Count-Controlled while Loops

05m 34s

Event-Controlled while Loops

04m 49s

Using continue

04m 9s

Using break

04m 46s

Working With Files - Part 1

05m 52s

Working With Files - Part 2

05m 5s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 7

04m 10s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 7

04m 57s

Chapter: for Loops

Introduction To for Loops - Part 1

04m 25s

Introduction To for Loops - Part 2

04m 54s

for Loops With Lists

03m 45s

for Loops With Tuples

04m 13s

for Loops With Dictionaries

03m 23s

for Loops With Files

04m 23s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 8

02m 57s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 8

02m 51s

Chapter: Iterators

Understanding Iterators

02m 17s

Using iter And next

05m 3s

Iterators And Dictionaries

02m 44s

Other Iterators

04m 28s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 9

02m 48s

Chapter: List Comprehensions

Introduction To List Comprehensions

04m 52s

Using List Comprehensions With Files

03m 25s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 10

03m 2s

Chapter: Functions

Introduction To Functions - Why

04m 36s

Defining Functions

05m 9s

Calling Functions

06m 16s

Functions With Multiple Arguments

04m 24s

Predicate Functions

03m 7s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 11

04m 35s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 11

02m 59s

Chapter: More On Functions

Recursive Functions - Part 1

04m 58s

Recursive Functions - Part 2

04m 38s

Function Objects

04m 45s

Anonymous Functions

04m 32s

Higher-Order Functions

05m 21s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 12

02m 50s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 12

03m 48s

Chapter: Scope

Global Scope

03m 12s

Local Scope

03m 2s

Nested Scope

02m 57s

Exercise 1 - Part 1

04m 14s

Exercise 1 - Part 2

03m 10s

Chapter: Modules

Using Built-In Modules

03m 57s

User-Defined Modules - Part 1

03m 53s

User-Defined Modules - Part 2

03m 23s

Module Namespaces

04m 15s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 14

03m 50s

Chapter: Object-Oriented Programming - Part 1

Abstract Data Types

04m 5s

Designing A Class, Fields And Constructors

04m 11s

Designing A Class, Methods

04m 28s

Data Structure For Fields

04m 14s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 15

04m 18s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 15

04m 34s

Chapter: Object-Oriented Programming - Part 2

Creating A Derived Class - Part 1

06m 59s

Creating A Derived Class - Part 2

07m 5s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 16

04m 56s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 16

04m 38s

Chapter: Exception Handling

Exceptions Demonstrated

02m 54s

Try-Except Statements

04m 46s

Try-Except-Finally Statements

02m 42s

The raise Statement

02m 53s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 17

05m 12s

Chapter: Using Data Structures

Exercise 1 - Lists

04m 5s

Exercise 2 - Tuples

04m 16s

Exercise 3 - Dictionaries

03m 15s