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Table of Contents

Chapter: In The Beginning

What Will I Be Able To Do With Crystal Reports

04m 33s

Quick Tour Of Crystal Reports Interface And Toolbars

05m 7s

Making Use Of The Included Working Files

02m 52s

Installing The Sample Databases Provided

05m 0s

Changing The Datasource Of The Working Files

07m 0s

About The Author

01m 44s

Chapter: Setting Up A New Report

Starting Crystal Reports And A New Report

03m 43s

Setting Page Size Orientation For The Report

02m 49s

Making A Connection To The Sample Access Databases

05m 21s

Making A Connection To The Sample Excel Files

03m 25s

Making A Connection To The Sample SQL Server Database

05m 19s

Selecting The Correct Tables or Views

05m 27s

Field Explorer And Sections Overview

05m 39s

Adding And Removing Fields On The Report

05m 19s

Field Masks And Column Header Control

03m 28s

Browsing The Data Before Insertion

02m 17s

Previewing The Report For The First Time

02m 37s

Refreshing The Reports Data

02m 55s

Saving The Report

02m 56s

Saving The Report Without The Data

02m 59s

Chapter: Report Navigation

Paging Through The Report

02m 11s

Searching For Text Within The Report

04m 50s

Changing The Zoom In Preview And Design

02m 53s

Using The Group Navigation Pane

02m 27s

Chapter: Formatting The Report

Moving And Resizing Objects On The Report

06m 42s

Using The Guides And Other Alignment Options

03m 38s

Snap To Grid Saves The Day

03m 21s

Changing The Font Style, Size And Color

05m 11s

Adding A Color Border Or Background To Controls

05m 3s

Paragraph Settings

02m 43s

Number Formatting For Numerical Data Fields

03m 40s

Currency Formatting For Money Data Fields

03m 56s

Date Formatting Options

04m 40s

Using The Format Painter

04m 6s

Adding A Hyperlink To A Field

05m 28s

Lock The Format Size And Position Of An Object

02m 11s

Default Font Formatting Options

04m 24s

Default Data Formatting Options

04m 27s

Background Colors

02m 36s

Chapter: Using The Special Data Fields

Adding Special Date Fields

05m 27s

Inserting Page Numbers

04m 12s

Adding The File Path To The Page Footer

01m 34s

Report Author And Title Fields

02m 31s

Of What Use Are The Remaining Special Fields

02m 41s

Chapter: Adding Non Data Items To A Report

Inserting And Editing Text Objects

03m 11s

Format Options For A Text Object

06m 10s

Adding A Horizontal Or Vertical Line

03m 55s

Formatting A Line And Controlling Its Behaviour

05m 28s

Adding And Formatting A Box

03m 19s

Adding A Box That Crosses Section Boundaries

03m 35s

Adding A Company Logo Or Other Image

04m 31s

Adding Data Fields To Non Data Text Boxes

04m 46s

Removing Non Data Items

01m 46s

Chapter: Sorting Data

How To Sort By A Field On The Report

03m 17s

Sorting By More Than One Field

04m 9s

Sorting By Fields NOT Visible On The Report

01m 58s

Removing Sort Criteria

02m 31s

Chapter: Filtering Report Data

Filtering A Field By Existing Values

05m 51s

Using The Different Comparison Operators With Text Fields

06m 22s

Filtering The Data By Date Fields

06m 37s

Filtering Numeric Fields

03m 35s

Removing Filters From The Report

02m 29s

Filtering By More Than One Field

04m 8s

Multiple Field Criteria And/Or

04m 39s

Using A Wildcard In Filter Criteria

05m 3s

Filtering For Empty(NULL) Fields

04m 9s

Chapter: Grouping Reports

What Is Grouping

03m 46s

How To Add A Group

03m 26s

Formatting The Group Name

03m 44s

Enhancing The Group Header

03m 44s

Grouping A Report On Dates Or Time

02m 40s

Creating Multiple Level Groups

06m 32s

Removing A Group

01m 41s

Changing The Group Sort Order

03m 47s

Customizing Group Heading Labels

03m 47s

Group Preview Options

05m 40s

Specifying Your Own Groups

07m 25s

Swapping The Data Field For A Group

03m 28s

Chapter: Summarizing Data

Inserting A Grand Total Field

06m 39s

Insert A Sub Total Field

06m 39s

The Effects Of Moving Summary Fields Within A Report

03m 50s

Displaying Sub Totals As A Percentage Of Grand Totals

06m 24s

Summary Fields Using Average Minimum Or Maximum

04m 38s

Creating A Summary Report By Hiding Details

08m 25s

Creating A Drilldown Report

03m 51s

Refreshing A Drilldown Report

03m 0s

Sorting Group Based On Summary Values Not Group Values

02m 56s

Using Top Or Bottom N To Filter Summary Data

06m 3s

Chapter: Using Parameters In Reports

What Are Parameters

03m 39s

Adding A Free Text Parameter Field

06m 19s

Using A Text Parameter To Filter Data

06m 31s

Number Parameter Fields For Filtering

05m 34s

Date Fields Used In Parameters

05m 14s

Creating And Using A Pick List Parameter

07m 0s

Creating And Using A Dynamic Pick List

05m 10s

Multiple Parameter Fields

07m 11s

Deleting Parameter Fields

02m 36s

Chapter: Formula Fields

Creating A Formula To Enhance A Report

06m 4s

Altering And Renaming A Formula Field

03m 40s

Deleting A Formula Field

01m 40s

Creating A Formula To Concatenate

06m 14s

String Manipulation Formula In Action

08m 58s

Date Formula In Action

07m 18s

Calculating Age With Crystal Reports

04m 40s

Sorting And Filtering With A Formula Field

03m 32s

Using Formula Fields While Grouping

04m 30s

Formula And Parameter Fields Working Together

09m 11s

Conditions Within Formulas

05m 28s

Using IF To Negate A NULL Concatenation

06m 40s

Chapter: Section Formatting

Report Header And Footer Options

06m 11s

Formatting Options Of The Page Header And Footer

03m 18s

Group Header And Footer Settings

04m 7s

Details Section Formatting Including Multiple Columns

05m 15s

Chapter: The Standard Report Wizard

The Steps Involved In The Standard Report Wizard

05m 46s

Editing A Report Generated By The Wizard

02m 7s

Using The Report Templates On Your Own Reports

03m 51s

Chapter: Data Table Linking

Quick Overview Of Relational Databases

06m 21s

Visual Linking In Crystal Reports

04m 34s

Warning Watch For Cartesian Joins

04m 39s

Link Types And Their Effect

06m 35s

Removing Tables From A Report

02m 53s

Chapter: Distributing The Report

Choosing The Appropriate Export Format

07m 28s

Export Directly To Email

04m 20s

Exporting Data Into 2007/2010 Excel xlsx Format

03m 28s

Exporting To The New Read Only Format To Protect Report Design

02m 17s

Chapter: The Workbench

Opening The Workbench

02m 11s

Adding Projects And Reports To The Workbench

02m 25s

Managing Reports Within The Workbench

03m 32s