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Table of Contents

Chapter: What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

05m 44s

Chapter: Introducing AutoCAD Sheet Sets

Introducing Sheet Sets

13m 10s

Typical Uses And Advantages

06m 32s

The Sheet Set Manager

07m 13s


04m 30s


06m 13s

Publishing And Exporting

02m 56s


07m 28s

Chapter: Creating A Sheet Set

Where To Start

06m 36s

Starting With A Blank Sheet Set - Inserting Layouts

05m 9s

Create A Sheet Set From A Template

05m 8s

Advantages To Both Methods And My Recommendations

03m 27s

Chapter: Automating Data/Info Exchange

The Power Of Sheet Sets Is In Properties

07m 8s

Getting Sheet Set Properties Into Your Drawings

10m 2s

Default Properties

04m 31s

Custom Properties

03m 45s

The Differences And Uses Of Sheet Properties And Set Properties

04m 48s

Sheet Views

02m 37s

Using Sheet Views And Their Benefits

03m 30s

Sheet List Table

03m 13s

Chapter: Project Management

Use A Sheet Set Template And A Drawing Template

07m 13s

Prepare You Title Block For Sheet Sets

19m 25s

Put Page Setups In Your Template File

01m 52s

Put Project Data In Custom Sheet Set Properties

03m 39s

Creating New Files With The SSM

03m 10s


03m 22s

Chapter: Plot/Print Publish

The Single Most Advantage To Using Sheet Sets Is Printing

02m 19s

Print To DWF, PDF, Plotter

04m 23s


03m 49s

Miscellaneous Printing/Publishing Options

06m 1s

Sheet Set Publish Options And Subset Publishing

03m 58s

Page Setup Overrides

04m 54s

Chapter: Submitting And/Or Archiving Files/Drawings

What To Do With Your Electronic Files?

02m 38s


01m 50s

Archiving With The Sheet Set Manager

02m 27s

Transmittal Setups

10m 6s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

04m 38s