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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To High Dynamic Range Photography

Introduction To HDR

04m 27s

HDR Explained

07m 1s

HDR And Bit Depth

06m 53s

HDR And Resolution

05m 39s

Chapter: From Camera To Preprocessing

From Camera To Computer

04m 34s

From Card To Computer

03m 16s

Getting Your Images Organized

03m 13s

The Best HDR Image Format

02m 11s

Saving HDR Images For The Long Haul

03m 39s

Chapter: Getting The Shot

HDR Formats

04m 50s

Shoot - Do Not Shoot

01m 45s

Having The Right Equipment

03m 36s

Moving Beyond The Camera Controls

01m 31s

Chapter: Single Shot HDR

Extending Dynamic With Gradients

06m 0s

Making Masks To Control Exposure

03m 52s

Using Fill Light To Adjust Shadows

02m 16s

Making Three Images From A Single Raw Image

04m 16s

Using Photomatix to Tone Map an Image

02m 9s

Chapter: Processing High Dynamic Images

HDR In Adobe Merge To HDR Pro

15m 27s

Tone Mapping In Photomatrix

15m 28s

Tone Compressing In Photomatrix

06m 30s

Handling Missing Exposure Data

06m 13s

Exposure Fusion In Photomatrix

09m 0s

Using Merge To HDR Pro To Align Images

02m 42s

Removing Ghosts In Merge To HDR Pro

02m 52s

Removing Ghosts In Photomatrix

03m 52s

Chapter: Putting On The Ritz

Handling Excessive Noise

13m 35s

Dealing With Chromatic Aberration

10m 34s

Bringing Pop To A Dull Image

15m 41s

Consolidating HDR With Other Images

06m 23s

HDR With Black And White Images

06m 43s