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Table of Contents

Chapter: HTML Basics

About This Course

02m 44s

HTML Basics - Workspace Setup

04m 14s

HTML Basics - HTML Tag Basics

02m 9s

HTML Basics - Formatting With HTML

05m 12s

HTML Basics - Typical Page Code

04m 10s

Lab - First Web Page

04m 29s

Chapter: Web Page Code

Block Level Tags

06m 0s

Inline Formatting

06m 33s

Line Breaks And Special Characters

08m 5s

HTML Lists

05m 54s

Content Specific Tags

04m 9s

Lab - Making Attractions Pages

05m 55s

Chapter: HTML Links

Hyperlink Basics

06m 37s

Relative Links

05m 43s

Links To Files And Email

06m 18s


06m 6s

Lab - Navigation Menu

06m 6s

Chapter: Images

Image Basics

05m 44s

Image Attributes

09m 32s

Using The Figure Tag

03m 17s

Links On Images

10m 8s

Prepping Files

08m 31s

Lab - Adding Images

04m 46s

Chapter: CSS Styles

CSS Basics

07m 7s

Using The Styles Tag

05m 38s

Handling Color

07m 58s

Working With Font Sizes

06m 25s

Font Families

06m 19s

Class And ID Selectors

06m 40s

Pseudo Selectors

06m 59s

Grouping And Compound Selectors

03m 33s

Creating A Stylesheet File

06m 24s

Setting Up Site Styles

07m 44s

Lab - Site Class Styles

09m 14s

Chapter: Tables And Tabular Data

Basic Table Tags

08m 20s

Table Headers

02m 55s

Using CSS With Tables

11m 24s

Contextual Table Tags

08m 3s

Lab - Website Project

06m 21s

Chapter: Layout Basics

Block And Box Properties

06m 34s

Margin And Padding

07m 58s

CSS Shorthand

07m 47s


06m 34s

Using Nested Blocks

04m 43s

Float Basics

04m 34s

Using Floats And Clears

07m 56s

Basic Page Layout

10m 9s

Background Images

06m 59s

Lab - Web Site Main Layout

10m 24s

Lab2 - Text Block Margins And Padding

09m 36s

Chapter: Forms

Form Basics

09m 12s

Multiple Choice Inputs

06m 22s

Other Form Elements - Part 1

07m 24s

Other Form Elements - Part 2

05m 25s

New HTML5 Form Tags

09m 21s

Lab - Contact Us Form

07m 57s

Lab - Styling the Form

05m 43s

Chapter: Inserting Video

Preparing The Video

02m 58s

Using The Video Tag

06m 3s

Playing In Multiple Browsers

06m 1s

Lab - Cable Car Video Page

09m 20s

Chapter: Completing The site

Writing Good Code

06m 50s

SEO Considerations

05m 11s

Browser Testing

04m 3s

Hosts, FTP, And Domains

07m 36s

More Resources

04m 54s