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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Learn

03m 7s

A Word About Gamma Handling

01m 17s

The Working Files And Setting Up Our Max Project

02m 20s

Chapter: Working With 3Ds Max

The File Management System

06m 16s

Working With Units

06m 39s

Viewport Navigation

06m 26s

Viewport Configuration

05m 3s

Nitrous Viewport Quality

06m 12s

The Quad Menu System

05m 18s

The All Important Command Panel

04m 0s

Working With The Ribbon

06m 54s

Managing Workspaces And The Enhanced Menus

07m 12s

Search All Actions

04m 40s

Send To Maya, Mudbox, Softimage, MotionBuilder

04m 38s

Auto Backup

03m 29s

Isolate Workflow

04m 13s

3DS Max Gamma Workflow

03m 44s

Chapter: Working In 3D Space

Getting The Best From The Transform Gizmo

05m 9s

The Reference Coordinate System

03m 34s

The Home Grids

05m 25s

Pivot Point Manipulation

04m 5s

Snaps And How To Use Them

07m 5s

Chapter: Organizing Scene Assets

Layer Management

07m 23s

State Sets Workflow

09m 3s

The Power Of Groups And Object Naming Tools

05m 53s

Selection Sets

06m 27s

Using Containers

08m 4s

XRef Scenes

07m 15s

XRef Objects

05m 45s

Outputting Files Using State Sets

04m 1s

After Effects Composite Link

07m 13s

Chapter: Working With 3DS Max Primitives

Workflow For Primitives

09m 27s

Extended Primitive Types

06m 2s

Space Warps

08m 5s

Chapter: Modelling Tools

The Basics Of Splines

07m 34s


06m 39s

Polygon Modelling - Sub-Object Tools

09m 17s

Box Modelling Technique

11m 42s

Poly By Poly Technique

06m 25s

Sub-D Technique

07m 38s

Chapter: The Power Of 3ds Max Modifiers

What Is A Modifier And How The Stack Works

05m 3s

Useful Modelling Modifiers

08m 9s

Useful Animation Modifiers

06m 50s

Useful Selection Modifiers

07m 7s

Parametric Modelling With Modifiers

09m 8s

Chapter: Rendering Options

Common Render Output Controls

08m 40s


06m 58s

Mental Ray Unified Sampling

08m 36s

Mental Ray Image Based Lighting

07m 0s

Working With Final Gather

07m 28s

Sky Portals And Final Gather

07m 2s

Photon Mapping And Final Gather

06m 49s

Light Simulation With iray

07m 4s

Creating Caustics

07m 46s

Using String Options

05m 52s

Chapter: UVW Mapping Tools

The UVW Mapping Modifier

08m 59s

The Unwrap UVW Modifier Options

07m 48s

Exploring The Unwrap UVW Editor

09m 25s

Unwrap Using Pelt Mapping

07m 37s

Chapter: Working With Materials And Maps

The Material Editor Modes

09m 25s

Standard Material Types

05m 47s

Mental Ray Material Types

12m 41s

Working With Maps

07m 55s

Displacement Mapping

08m 14s

Using Utility Maps

07m 30s

Using The Render To Map Feature

07m 15s

The Render Surface Map Dialogue

08m 26s

Chapter: The 3DS Max Camera

Free And Target Camera Types

09m 30s

Working With The Camera Settings

05m 9s

Depth Of Field Options

06m 7s

Motion Blur Types

07m 41s

The New Perspective Match And 2D Pan And Zoom Tools

07m 56s

Chapter: Lighting Tools

The Spotlight

06m 40s

Photometric Light Type

08m 22s

Working With The Daylight System

07m 16s

Exposure Controls

05m 43s

Chapter: Particle Tools

Non-Event Driven Particle Systems

06m 44s

Particle Flow Operators

08m 32s


08m 6s


06m 37s

New Particle Flow Operators

07m 20s

Chapter: Simulation Tools


07m 49s

Working With Cloth

06m 17s

Applying Hair And Fur

06m 12s

MassFX Workflow

05m 40s

Working With Rigid Bodies

08m 22s

mCloth Controls

08m 4s

How mParticles Work

09m 32s

mParticle Operators

07m 4s

Chapter: Conclusion

Thank You

01m 38s

About The Author

01m 52s