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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction - Chapter 1

02m 52s

Working Through The App Store

03m 1s

Editing Preferences

04m 54s

Playback Preferences

03m 49s

Import Preferences

04m 19s

Working With The Event Library And View

07m 49s

Understanding The Timeline

04m 13s

Chapter: Basic Import And Editing In FCP

Introduction - Chapter 2

01m 18s

Organization Is The Key To Success

08m 48s

Creating Events And Projects

10m 20s

Adding Transitions

03m 48s

Editing A Clip With The Blade Tool

03m 36s

Saving FCP For Display

02m 50s

Chapter: Populating Events With Clips & Files

Introduction - Chapter 3

02m 57s

Events Do's And Do Nots

05m 14s

Importing Files

03m 36s

Capturing From Tape

05m 48s

Capturing Live Video

03m 4s

Organizing The Events Library

02m 43s

Merging Events

02m 0s

Moving And Copying Between Events

02m 3s

Transcoding And Analysis

02m 39s

Chapter: Working With And Organizing Clips

Introduction - Chapter 4

00m 55s

Opening The Work Files

02m 55s

Organizing In The Event Browser

03m 28s

Marking Clips

06m 31s

Sorting Through Marked Clips

02m 16s

Skimming In The Event Browser

00m 49s

Chapter: Clips, Keywords, And Metadata

Introduction - Chapter 5

01m 20s

Creating Clip-Related Keywords

06m 58s

Metadata To The Max

04m 59s

Customizing Clip Names

03m 3s

Finding What You Need

05m 32s

Smart Collections

03m 41s

Generating Event Library Folders

02m 12s

Chapter: Projects & The Timeline

Introduction - Chapter 6

01m 4s

Creating A Working Project

04m 9s

Gaining Control Of Projects

04m 20s

Creating Temporary Projects

04m 59s

Modifying Project Properties

03m 20s

Finding Lost Clips

00m 45s

Chapter: Editing 101

Introduction - Chapter 7

00m 59s

Appending Versus Inserting

07m 19s

Performing An Overwrite Edit

03m 48s

Connect Track Editing

03m 18s

Replace Editing

05m 20s

Playing A Portion Of A Clip

00m 44s

Viewing Clip Times

00m 34s

Chapter: Beyond Simple Edits

Introduction - Chapter 8

01m 51s

Editing By End Points

03m 44s

Three-Point Edits

04m 26s

Separating Audio And Video - Chapter 8

04m 3s

Deleting Tips

02m 49s

Adding Gaps And Placeholders

03m 52s

Skimming And The Playhead

00m 46s

Chapter: Editing And Marking Tips & Tricks

Introduction - Chapter 9

01m 4s

Moving Clips On The Timeline

03m 6s

Lifting And Overwriting Clips

04m 3s

The Position Tool And Snapping

03m 36s

Creating Markers

03m 21s

Moving Markers

02m 29s

Converting Markers To A To Do

01m 29s

Searching And Finding Markers

02m 55s

Chapter: Editing Tips & Tricks

Introduction - Chapter 10

00m 56s

Editing Techniques

07m 29s

Performing A Rolling Edit

05m 21s

Editing Tips And Tricks

04m 39s

Separating Audio And Video - Chapter 10

03m 22s

Making Editing Precise

04m 34s

Chapter: Auditions And Consolidating Clips

Introduction - Chapter 11

01m 18s

What Is Audition

05m 10s

Creating An Audition

05m 25s

Creating An Audition From Multiple Clips

04m 34s

Working With A Secondary Storyline

05m 56s

Generating A Compound Clip

06m 52s

Chapter: Working With Audio

Introduction - Chapter 12

01m 29s

Adding Audio Work Files

03m 34s

Reading The Waveform And The Music Browser

06m 15s

Working With The Audio Inspector

07m 32s

Controlling Clip Volume

07m 48s

Defining Clip And FCP Volume

01m 37s

Creating And Adjusting Audio Keyframes

06m 28s

Chapter: More On Controlling Audio

Introduction - Chapter 13

01m 27s

Adding And Fading Audio Clips

08m 50s

Cross Fading Audio

11m 41s

Changing Audio Properties

07m 32s

Panning Audio Clips

07m 22s

Audio Equalization

05m 27s

Matching Audio Clips

04m 5s

Enhancing Audio

05m 55s

Working With Audio Effects

05m 59s

Saving Custom Effects And Filters

01m 14s

Chapter: Getting Creative With Transitions, Filters, And Mattes

Introduction - Chapter 14

01m 24s

Transforming A Clip

08m 43s


06m 56s

Adding Additional Work Files

01m 3s

Blending Modes And Opacity

08m 19s

All About Mattes

06m 43s

Applying A Key

11m 38s

Controlling Plug-In Effects

05m 59s

Applying Transitions

07m 9s

Overlap Versus Available Media

03m 48s

Chapter: Titles, Text, And Generators

Introduction - Chapter 15

01m 9s

Creating A Title

09m 13s

Modifying A Title

04m 50s

Additional Title Effects

06m 49s

Creating Basic Text

10m 33s

Working With Generators

09m 8s

Chapter: Bringing The Timeline To Life

Introduction - Chapter 16

01m 41s

Generating A Basic Animation

09m 6s

Modifying An Animation

05m 37s

Animating A Movie Clip

06m 46s

Additional Animating Effects

04m 10s

Controlling Opacity With Keyframes

03m 19s

Adjusting Animation Keyframes

03m 19s

Changing A Clips Speed

03m 9s

Generating A Speed Ramp

03m 36s

Creating A Freeze Frame

04m 7s

Combining Multiple Clips

08m 54s

Chapter: Working With Color

Introduction - Chapter 17

01m 9s

Automatic Color Correction

07m 23s

Color Manipulation Using Effects

05m 21s

Understanding Video Scopes

05m 51s

Working With Color Boards

06m 31s

Adjusting Exposure

05m 38s

Controlling Color Saturation

02m 53s

Manipulating Clip Color

04m 48s

Controlling Color Information With Masks

04m 12s

Using Preset Shapes To Control Color

04m 20s

Copying And Pasting Color Information

04m 22s

Chapter: Getting Ready For Primetime

Introduction - Chapter 18

01m 43s

Gathering Media For Export

05m 15s

Consolidating A Project

03m 49s

Checking Before Exporting

02m 2s

Exporting Quicktime Video And/Or Audio

04m 34s

Exporting Sequences And Frames

06m 21s

Using Apple Compressor

03m 48s

Sharing With The World

05m 30s

Exporting To Blu-Ray And DVD

04m 21s

Browsing Multiple Clips

01m 1s

Adjusting Event Library Thumbnails

00m 59s

Closing Thoughts

02m 38s