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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction/Inheritance

What This Course Covers

04m 59s

Review - Building A Base Class

07m 12s

Creating A Derived Class

07m 28s

Using Protected Members - Part 1

04m 56s

Using Protected Members - Part 2

04m 33s

Constructors And Destructors

04m 8s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 1

05m 12s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 1

04m 18s

Chapter: Polymorphism

Understanding Polymorphism

04m 56s

Base Class Pointers

02m 50s

Virtual Functions

04m 21s

Abstract Classes

06m 14s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 2

02m 59s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 2

03m 2s

Chapter: Generic Programming

Why Generic Programming?

03m 47s

Generic Functions

05m 2s

Defining Class Templates

06m 40s

Class Template Specialization

03m 32s

Function Templates With Multiple Data Types

05m 52s

Class Templates With Multiple Data Types

04m 22s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 3

04m 35s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 3

04m 28s

Chapter: Exception Handling

Exception Overview

04m 11s

Throwing Exceptions

04m 15s

Catching Exceptions

04m 28s

Catch-All Exception Handlers

02m 15s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 4

04m 11s

Chapter: Stream Input/Output

Stream Overview

01m 39s

Managing Stream Output

04m 29s

Managing Stream Input

04m 0s

String Streams

03m 30s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 5

03m 0s

Chapter: Sequential Containers

Vectors Review

03m 55s

Using Lists - Part 1

04m 18s

Using Lists - Part 2

04m 15s

Using Deques - Part 1

03m 59s

Using Deques - Part 2

05m 56s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 6

04m 4s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 6

04m 15s

Chapter: Associative Containers

Working With The Pair Class

03m 57s

Using Maps - Part 1

04m 39s

Using Maps - Part 2

06m 44s

Using Sets

04m 39s

Multimaps And Multisets

05m 56s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 7

07m 11s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 7

06m 0s

Chapter: Generic Algorithms

Read-Only Algorithms

06m 53s

Read-Write Algorithms

05m 30s

Sorting Algorithms

03m 37s

Iterators - Front/Back Inserter

04m 17s

Iterators - Reverse

04m 20s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 8

05m 20s

Chapter: Non-STL Data Structures

Stacks - Part 1

04m 46s

Stacks - Part 2

04m 24s

Queues - Part 1

05m 7s

Queues - Part 2

04m 51s

Binary Trees - Part 1

03m 38s

Binary Trees - Part 2

10m 25s

Linked Lists - Part 1

03m 31s

Linked Lists - Part 2

05m 18s

Linked Lists - Part 3

03m 57s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 9

03m 23s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 9

04m 24s

Exercise 3 - Chapter 9

04m 50s

Chapter: Non-STL Algorithms

Linear Search

05m 41s

Binary Search

06m 27s

Selection Sort

04m 29s

Insertion Sort

03m 59s

Merge Sort

04m 24s

Quick Sort

04m 50s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 10

05m 58s

Chapter: Namespaces

Introduction To Namespaces - Part 1

04m 20s

Introduction To Namespaces - Part 2

04m 36s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 11

02m 46s

Chapter: String Class

String Assignment And Concatenation

05m 33s

Comparing Strings

04m 26s

Searching Strings

06m 51s

Substring And Replace

05m 13s

C-Style Strings

04m 30s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 12

05m 22s