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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Course

01m 6s

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00m 23s

Chapter: Integration Between Cinema 4D And After Effects

The Workflow

01m 45s


07m 42s

Visible TV - Part 1

05m 5s

Visible TV - Part 2

05m 22s

AE And C4D Rocks!

09m 8s

Tracking Example

10m 16s

Chapter: Tracking

What Is Tracking?

01m 56s

Exchange Plugin

00m 57s

Tracking Footage In AE CS6

05m 31s

Tracking Footage In AE CC

06m 55s

Exporting From AE To C4D

03m 15s

Prefracturing Models

05m 36s

Attaching Objects To Track Points

07m 0s

Rigid Body Dynamics

09m 53s

Secondary Blast

05m 18s

Preparing Multipass For After Effects

05m 40s

Importing Back To AE CS6

05m 42s

2D Elements

07m 39s

Final Touches - Part 1

05m 37s

Final Touches - Part 2

00m 35s

Importing Back To AE CC

04m 17s

Chapter: Working With Fluids

Getting RealFlow Installed

01m 31s

What Are Fluid Dynamics

02m 12s

RealFlow Interface

06m 15s

Simple Demo - Part 1

09m 20s

Simple Demo - Part 2

04m 31s

Simple Demo - Part 3

02m 13s

Looking At The Hallway Model

03m 31s

Exporting To RealFlow

09m 39s

Setting Up A Low-Res Sim

04m 39s

Setting Up A High-Res Sim

04m 17s

Simulating High-Res

03m 54s

Meshing Process

05m 39s

Importing Mesh Back To C4D

02m 18s

Chapter: Green Screen

Introduction To Green Screen

02m 53s

Tracking On Green Screen

06m 55s

Getting Point Cloud Into C4D

03m 50s

Adding The Warehouse

03m 43s

Keying Out The Actor

04m 53s

Using Photoshop Filters

03m 43s

Final Composite In AE

02m 23s

Shadows And Reflections

02m 28s

Chapter: Dynamics

Dynamics 101

06m 7s


03m 55s


05m 55s

Spline Dynamics

06m 32s


04m 33s

Time And Steps

07m 0s

Particle Emitter

04m 11s

Turbulence And Wind

06m 46s


05m 33s

Chapter: Mograph

Mograph Rewind

06m 35s

Have A Nice Day!

11m 52s

Volume Effector

05m 19s

Conveyor Belt

05m 23s

Tracers - Part 1

07m 36s

Tracers - Part 2

04m 8s

Tracers - Part 3

08m 10s

Chapter: Conclusion

Final Thoughts

01m 19s

About The Author

01m 17s