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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Intro

01m 16s

What You Will Learn

04m 15s

Using The Exercise Files

01m 59s

Chapter: The First Step

First Steps Intro

01m 0s

Image Resolution Versus Screen Resolution

03m 17s

All About Workflow And Workspaces

04m 19s

Generating A Web Page Mockup

02m 15s

Working With Mobile Devices

02m 25s

Creating Pages For Multiple Devices

02m 13s

Chapter: The Web And The World Of Colour

The Web And The World Of Colour Intro

01m 0s

Working With Colour Settings For The Web

03m 34s

Understanding Hexadecimal Color

04m 17s

Generating Web Color Palettes

04m 56s

Bit-Depth And Color

02m 2s

Working With Indexed Colour

05m 33s

Creating A Custom Web Color Set

04m 35s

Working With Bitmap And Grayscale

05m 2s

Applying Color To Pixels, Shapes, And Text

05m 51s

Chapter: Web Image Formats

Web Image Formats Intro

01m 22s

Is 72ppi The Magic Number?

04m 12s

GIF Versus PNG-8

04m 6s

JPEG Versus PNG-24

04m 36s

Compressing GIF And PNG Images

07m 45s

Compressing JPG Images

05m 15s

Chapter: Mathematical Imagery

Mathematical Imagery Intro

01m 4s

Vector Versus Raster Images

04m 49s

Photoshop And Vector Design

05m 0s

Controlling Vector Shapes

05m 31s

Using Existing Vector Art

03m 37s

Working With Smart Objects

03m 15s

Non-Destructive Web Image Editing

02m 26s

Chapter: Prepping Photos For The Internet

Prepping Photos For The Internet Intro

01m 19s

Going From Raw To The Web

04m 23s

Resizing And Masking Images

05m 1s

Optimizing A JPEG

10m 17s

Optimizing A GIF

06m 17s

Slicing Images

06m 40s

Adding A Watermark

04m 48s

Chapter: Working With Layers

Working With Layers Intro

01m 23s

Using The Layers Panel

07m 30s

Organizing The Layers Panel

09m 13s

Finding What You Need And Quickly

05m 11s

Using Layer Comps

04m 13s

Applying Blending Modes

03m 41s

Opacity Versus Fill

03m 13s

Chapter: Creating Web-Friendly Videos

Creating Web-Friendly Videos Intro

01m 5s

Importing Video Into Photoshop

04m 32s

Working With The Timeline Panel

04m 52s

Timeline Shortcuts

03m 4s

Editing Video With Filters, Effects, And Adjustments

06m 55s

Using Blending Modes With Video

04m 12s

Adding Text To A Video

03m 4s

Rendering Video For The Web

03m 58s

Chapter: Create Basic Web Animations

Create Basic Web Animations Intro

01m 12s

The Timeline And Layers Panels

04m 1s

Generating A Basic Animation

04m 57s

Creating An Animation From Multiple Documents

06m 37s

Using The Unify Features

05m 17s

Using Tweening To Create Motion

04m 21s

Generating A Slide Show

05m 24s

Chapter: Generating Navigation

Generating Navigation Intro

01m 31s

Creating A Text Navigation Button

06m 17s

Generating Buttons With Layer Styles

07m 29s

Using Smart Objects With Buttons

06m 0s

Making Glassine Buttons

08m 18s

Creating Rollover Buttons

06m 24s

Saving Out For The Web

04m 17s

Chapter: Designing Web Backgrounds

Designing Web Backgrounds Intro

01m 24s

Backgrounds 101

05m 51s

Managing Background Compression

07m 36s

Designing Backgrounds Using Offset

05m 0s

Creating Unique Patterned Backgrounds

07m 53s

Using Gradients With Backgrounds

04m 9s

Chapter: Generating A Web Site Mockup

Generating A Web Site Mockup Intro

01m 3s

Creating A Wireframe Site Model

09m 42s

Designing Site Structure

07m 50s

Adding Navigation

03m 38s

Adding Images

07m 3s

Adding Text

06m 45s

Adding Touch-Friendly Buttons

05m 16s

Adding Form Fields

07m 11s

Using Layer Comps To Display The Site

03m 44s

Chapter: Automation And Workflow

Automation And Workflow Intro

01m 44s

Creating A Basic Action

05m 51s

Performing Batch Processing

05m 9s

Generating A Droplet

04m 31s

Moving From Photoshop To Dreamweaver

03m 55s

Chapter: Conclusion

Final Thoughts

02m 0s