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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

AutoCAD Electrical 2014

05m 29s

Using The Working Files

04m 14s

Chapter: The Basics

Welcome Screen

03m 2s

Autodesk 360

04m 15s

Ribbon Interface

04m 42s

Command Line

04m 43s

Status Bar

06m 40s

DWG Filetypes

03m 13s

Using The Mouse

04m 44s

Model And Layout Tabs

02m 31s

Startup Variable - Part 1

03m 34s

Startup Variable - Part 2

04m 11s

Chapter: Drafting Settings


04m 18s


03m 59s


02m 4s


04m 0s


04m 53s


03m 40s


02m 57s


02m 6s

DYN - Part 1

02m 55s

DYN - Part 2

03m 15s


03m 30s


03m 50s


03m 35s


03m 52s


03m 10s


02m 42s

Chapter: Typical Examples

Typical Electrical Drawing - Part 1

03m 6s

Typical Electrical Drawing - Part 2

03m 14s

Typical Connector Drawing

03m 21s

Typical Schematic Drawing

02m 53s

Typical Panel Drawing

03m 56s

Using Existing Templates

04m 15s

Using Layers

05m 7s

Chapter: Basic Workflow

The Environment

05m 5s

Quick Access Toolbar

05m 56s


05m 11s

Basic Project Workflow

05m 52s

Chapter: Project Basics

Project Files

03m 1s

Project Manager

03m 38s

Project Drawing List

06m 11s

Descriptions And Sections

03m 42s

Making Further Changes

05m 19s

Batch Plotting

06m 0s

Moving Through Project Drawings

05m 52s

Copying Projects

05m 38s

Chapter: Schematic Wiring

Wires And Ladders

05m 30s

Point-To-Point Wiring

06m 0s


06m 5s

Multiple Wires

04m 24s

Wire Numbers And Leaders

04m 27s

Source And Destination Signals

02m 36s

Chapter: Schematics

Inserting Standalone Symbols

04m 13s

Inserting Parent Symbols

03m 35s

Inserting Child Symbols

04m 45s

Inserting Too Many Contacts

02m 16s

Catalog Part Numbers

04m 31s

Terminal Jumpers And Associations - Part 1

04m 46s

Terminal Jumpers And Associations - Part 2

04m 51s

Saving And Inserting A Circuit - Part 1

03m 21s

Saving And Inserting A Circuit - Part 2

05m 2s

Three Phase Circuits - Part 1

01m 49s

Three Phase Circuits - Part 2

05m 36s

Chapter: Schematic Editing

Scoot And Move

05m 47s

Aligning Components

04m 17s

Copying And Deleting Components

05m 7s

Open And Closed Contacts

05m 23s

Copy Catalog And Location Values

04m 52s

Swapping And Updating Blocks

04m 38s

Electrical Audit And Drawing Audit

04m 26s

Updating And Retagging

05m 20s

Chapter: Schematic Reporting

Report Types

03m 30s

Report Format And Setup

04m 0s

Automatic Reports - Chapter 10

01m 59s

Putting Reports Into Drawings

04m 11s

Saving Reports To Files

02m 37s

Chapter: Settings And Configurations


06m 1s

Drawing Properties

05m 22s

Project Properties

05m 8s

Drawing Templates

04m 38s

Installation And Search Paths

02m 29s

Chapter: Panel Layouts

Setting Up Panel Enclosure

04m 18s

Installing Push Buttons Footprint

03m 32s

Installing Pilot Lights Footprint

03m 29s

Installing Nameplate Footprint

03m 24s

Creating A Panel Schematic

05m 42s

Creating Panel Footprints From Schematics

03m 35s

Using DIN Rails

03m 58s

Using Terminal Strips

03m 8s

Panel Drawing Configuration

04m 17s

Item Numbers And Ballooning

06m 41s

Creating Panel Reports

04m 15s

Chapter: Custom Components

Schematic Symbols And Conventions

04m 10s

Symbol Data Attributes - Part 1

03m 28s

Symbol Data Attributes - Part 2

04m 42s

Wire Connections

05m 24s

Schematic Icon Menus

03m 48s

Panel Icon Menus

03m 52s

Icon Menu Wizard

04m 34s

Schematic And Panel Database Files

03m 48s

Chapter: Custom Data

Editing The Part Catalog - Part 1

03m 42s

Editing The Part Catalog - Part 2

03m 49s

Title Block Setup - Chapter 14

05m 12s

Chapter: Automation Tools

Exporting Data

04m 39s

Importing Data

03m 38s

Creating Set Files

06m 13s

Automatic Reports - Chapter 15

03m 21s

Chapter: PLC Modules

Parametric PLC Modules

04m 53s

Inserting And Breaking PLC Modules

04m 53s

Editing PLC Components

04m 25s

Standalone I/O Points

03m 54s

Non-Parametric PLC Modules

04m 18s

PLC Database File Editor

04m 35s

PLC Module Specifications

04m 43s

Terminal List And Settings

05m 40s

Finishing The PLC Module

03m 51s

Address Component Tag Format

03m 23s

Address Wire Number Tag Format

03m 5s

PLC Address Based Components

04m 47s

Chapter: Peer-To-Peer Drawings

Peer Drawings

03m 46s

WDType Attribute

02m 42s

Chapter: Simple Recap

Title Block Setup - Chapter 18

04m 10s

Rungs And Ladders

02m 26s

Inserting Components

04m 9s

Adding Wires

02m 25s

Editing Components

03m 55s

Editing And Tagging Wires

03m 17s

Generating Reports

05m 14s

Chapter: Close

Using The WDP Files

03m 56s

Finishing Up

00m 58s

Chapter: Credits

About The Author

00m 59s