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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Forensics?

04m 8s

Professions Needing Forensics

07m 28s

What You Should Expect From This Video

04m 13s

What You Should Know

06m 30s

What You Will Learn

04m 23s

Chapter: Legal Issues

Chain Of Custody

05m 46s

Evidence Acquisition

07m 28s

Validating Data Under Linux

06m 57s

Validating Data Under Windows

04m 41s

Expert Witness

07m 15s

Ethics For Experts

08m 13s

Evidence Storage

06m 32s

Rules Of Evidence

07m 15s

Chapter: Investigations

Differences With Legal Investigations

06m 41s

Reasons For Corporate Investigations

06m 10s

Preparing For An Investigation

04m 49s

Forensic Workstation

08m 42s


04m 46s


10m 37s

Coroners Toolkit

04m 16s

ProDiscover Basic

07m 36s

Audit Policies

07m 52s


10m 12s

UNIX Tools

12m 35s

Sleuth Kit

09m 17s

DEFT Linux

07m 8s

Chapter: Operating Systems

Windows Family

09m 8s

Mac OS X

10m 31s


09m 14s

Other Types Of Operating Systems

04m 50s

Boot Processes

07m 37s

File Systems: Windows-Based

09m 29s

File Systems: Linux

09m 34s

File Systems: Mac OS

07m 1s

File Systems: CD

04m 45s


06m 33s


07m 58s

Executable Types And Structure: Windows

06m 50s

Executable Types And Structure: Unix-Based

10m 24s

Disk Partitions

07m 16s

Chapter: Image Acquisition

Image Formats

04m 11s

Image Acquisitions Under Linux

06m 21s

Image Acquisitions Under Windows

05m 45s

Volatile Information

11m 25s

Data Recovery

06m 45s

Hard Drives

05m 55s

Chapter: Network Acquisitions

OSI Reference Model

07m 58s


08m 29s

Network Attacks

07m 57s

Reasons For Network Acquisitions

07m 45s

Man In The Middle Attacks

07m 30s

Capturing Traffic

09m 8s


06m 55s

Other Network Tools

08m 57s

Wireless Networking

07m 40s

Wireless Tools

11m 57s

Firewalls And Their Uses

09m 48s

Intrusion Detection Systems

06m 57s

Chapter: Data Spaces

Alternate Data Streams

08m 28s

Deleted Files

07m 21s

Hidden Partitions

04m 20s

Slack Space And Swap File

09m 49s


11m 47s

Virtual Memory

08m 58s

System Recovery Checkpoints: Windows

03m 14s

Audit Logs And Settings

09m 3s

Chapter: Data Recovery

Graphics Files

09m 25s


08m 17s

Internet: Cache, Cookies, Etc.

09m 53s


10m 27s

Log Files

06m 43s


03m 50s

Steganography Techniques: Images And Video

05m 33s

Steganography Techniques: Audio And Documents

05m 24s


07m 32s


05m 43s

Chapter: Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

12m 43s


05m 25s

Data Formats

06m 34s


05m 4s

Chapter: Mobile Forensics


04m 56s


07m 26s

Symbian OS

03m 24s


07m 51s

Memory Considerations

04m 8s

SIM Cards

03m 25s

Chapter: Malware Forensics

Malware Forensics

04m 33s

Static Malware Analysis

08m 41s

Dynamic Malware Analysis

08m 37s

Chapter: About Me

About Me

02m 58s