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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To This Course

01m 18s

The Family Editor Interface

01m 47s

Family Editor Quick Tour

04m 3s

In Depth Interface - Create Tab

04m 55s

In Depth Interface - Insert Tab

02m 27s

In Depth Interface - Annotate Tab

02m 10s

In Depth Interface - View Tab

03m 8s

In Depth Interface - Manage Tab

03m 42s

In Depth Interface - Modify Tab

03m 19s

Keyboard Shortcuts

04m 13s

Using The Included Working Files

00m 51s

Working With Views

03m 41s

So, What Is A Revit Family?

03m 51s

File Concepts - Family Templates, Model Objects

02m 54s


01m 13s

File Naming

02m 25s

Chapter: Basic Creation Tools

Opening A Revit Family

04m 3s

Family Planning

02m 17s

Reference Planes

06m 16s

Reference Lines

01m 19s

Dimensions And Parameters

06m 9s

Modelling Techniques - Solids

03m 38s

Modelling Techniques - Voids

05m 1s

Model Lines - Chapter 2

02m 48s

Symbolic Lines

03m 21s

Nested Components

06m 3s

Model Text

04m 37s

Connectors - Chapter 2

04m 23s

Chapter: Family Planning

You Want What?

01m 16s

It Is All About Hosting

03m 52s


05m 23s

Controlling Visibility

05m 1s


01m 39s

Templates - Overview

03m 21s

Templates - Wall

02m 58s

Templates - Ceiling

02m 17s

Templates - Floor And Roof

01m 31s

Templates - Face Based

01m 18s

Templates - Un-Hosted

02m 38s

Templates - Line

02m 48s

How Do You Take Your References? Strong Or Weak

03m 40s

Family Category And Parameters!

02m 56s

Flexing Your Family

01m 25s

Family Types

06m 8s

Family Catalogs

05m 8s

Lookup Tables

04m 19s

Chapter: Parameters

Parameters - Chapter 4

04m 43s

Shared Parameters

05m 35s

Parameters: Type, Instance Or Reporting?

03m 29s

Chapter: Formulas


01m 52s

First Steps

02m 59s

Trying It Out

07m 2s

What Can Go Wrong

03m 39s

Chapter: In Depth Modelling


07m 30s


05m 42s


04m 52s


06m 43s

Swept Blend

08m 38s


04m 55s

Voids As Hosts

05m 45s

Voids As Hosts - Adding Detail

03m 57s

Model Lines - Chapter 6

06m 1s


04m 36s

Linear Arrays

06m 58s


02m 59s

Flip Arrows

04m 29s

Chapter: Architectural Furniture Family

Generic Chair - Reference Planes

05m 38s

Generic Chair - Modeling

05m 49s

Generic Chair - Completing The Modeling

03m 44s

Additional Parameters

03m 51s

What More Can We Do

09m 3s

Chapter: Structural Column Family

Column Family

06m 3s

Adding Some Detail

07m 9s

Chapter: Electrical Outlet Family

Socket Family

01m 42s

Planning The Model Objects

06m 28s

Creating Model Elements

04m 39s


04m 38s

The Symbol Family

04m 47s


03m 32s

Testing - Chapter 9

02m 21s

Electrical Connections - Wires

06m 10s

Electrical Connections - Conduits

05m 28s

Chapter: Electrical Lighting Family

Lighting Family

03m 32s

Planning - Chapter 10

08m 38s

Modelling - Chapter 10

05m 14s

IES Files

05m 46s

Types - Chapter 10

02m 40s

Testing - Chapter 10

02m 48s

Chapter: Pipe Fitting Family

Pump Family

03m 33s

Planning - Chapter 11

04m 1s

Parameters - Chapter 11

04m 38s

Modelling - Chapter 11

06m 58s

Connectors - Chapter 11

07m 20s

Testing - Chapter 11

04m 46s

Types - Chapter 11

03m 22s

Chapter: Family Oddities

Cuttable Families

01m 57s


02m 20s

Visibility Of Imported Data

04m 36s

Chapter: Annotation Families


05m 20s

Testing - Chapter 13

04m 27s

View Title - Part 1

05m 9s

View Title - Part 2

04m 11s

View Title - Part 3

04m 25s

View Title - Part 4

07m 39s

View Title - Part 5 - Testing

05m 8s

Chapter: Detail Components

Detail Component

04m 26s

Repeating Details

03m 17s

Chapter: Importing Foreign Data

Utilizing Legacy CAD Files In Your Families

02m 33s

3D Geometry - From 3D

03m 41s

3D Geometry - From 2D

03m 41s

Tidying The Mess

03m 40s

Chapter: Conclusion

What Did We Learn

01m 32s

External Resources

01m 40s


00m 58s

About The Author

02m 18s