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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Maya

04m 0s

What To Expect

03m 18s

What Is New In Maya 2014

05m 18s

Maya Help

06m 33s

Chapter: The Maya Interface

Interface Overview

03m 31s

Camera Controls

05m 3s

Viewport Display

03m 39s

Hotbox And Marking Menus

04m 50s


10m 11s


06m 35s

File Path Editor

05m 38s

Chapter: Nodes And Transformations

Primitive Objects

11m 7s

Transforming Objects

08m 3s

Parenting And Grouping

07m 19s

Freeze And Reset Transformations

09m 37s


09m 11s


04m 0s

Image Planes

07m 5s

Chapter: Curves

Introduction To Curves

07m 21s

Modifying Curve Components

07m 21s

Building Curves

10m 31s

Chapter: Polygon Modelling

Understanding Polygons

04m 43s

Selecting Polygon Components

10m 17s

Basic Structures

11m 17s

Introduction to The Modelling Toolkit

03m 12s

Extrude Faces

11m 25s

Edge Loops

07m 2s

Mirror Geometry

03m 56s


06m 15s

Sculpt Geometry

10m 45s

Smooth Mesh Preview

04m 33s

Bridge - Part 1

08m 24s

Bridge - Part 2

08m 30s

Extrude Along A Curve

03m 54s

Mirror Cut

04m 15s


04m 36s

Project And Split With Curves

05m 38s

Polygon Reduction

05m 18s

Symmetry Modelling

04m 0s

Quad Draw

04m 12s

Chapter: NURBS Modelling

NURBS Overview

06m 39s


11m 30s

Project And Extrude Curves

07m 20s

Trim Surfaces

12m 37s

Bevel Plus

04m 25s

Converting NURBS To Polygons

06m 11s


07m 29s

Chapter: Texturing


11m 14s

UV Mapping - Part 1

13m 40s

UV Mapping - Part 2

11m 11s

UV Mapping - Part 3

11m 50s

Mirror And Layout UVs

14m 28s

Applying Custom Textures

08m 19s


11m 18s


08m 50s

Substance Textures

14m 13s


08m 3s

Chapter: Rigging And Weighting

Understanding Joints

07m 33s

Creating A Skeleton - Part 1

09m 43s

Creating A Skeleton - Part 2

08m 45s

Creating A Skeleton - Part 3

04m 56s

Binding Geometry

13m 25s

Weight Normalization

10m 39s

Painting Weights

09m 40s

Refining Weights And Joints

05m 9s

Mirrored Weights

03m 28s

Creating IK Handles

07m 39s

Control Handles And Constraints

11m 18s

Basic Rigging

10m 42s

Node Editor

10m 46s

Chapter: Animation

Setting Key Frames

10m 52s


10m 8s

Dope Sheet

06m 41s

Graph Editor - Part 1

13m 14s

Graph Editor - Part 2

10m 45s

Graph Editor - Part 3

07m 32s

Grease Pencil

04m 54s

Chapter: Rendering With Mental Ray

Batch Rendering

09m 11s

Final Gather

08m 9s

Physical Sun And Sky

06m 24s

Rendering Quality

05m 59s

Chapter: About The Author

About Todd Palamar

02m 43s