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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

Introduction - Chapter 1

04m 13s

Photo Restoration Vs Manipulation

03m 56s

Working With The Exercise Files

02m 17s

Chapter: Photoshop Essentials

Introduction - Chapter 2

02m 5s

Controlling What You Have

04m 58s

Scanning And Analyzing

04m 22s

Setting Up The Photoshop Workspace

02m 27s

Problem Solving With Channels

02m 25s

Moving From Grayscale To Color

03m 40s

Chapter: Restoration 101

Introduction - Chapter 3

01m 34s

Making Red Eye Vanish

06m 43s

Uncompressing Image Data

06m 50s

General Image Cleanup

07m 18s

Image Straightening 101

03m 16s

Removing Unwanted Noise

05m 37s

Correcting Convex Glass Images

04m 22s

Chapter: Working With Damaged Photos

Introduction - Chapter 4

01m 25s

Reassembling Torn Photos

10m 57s

Removing Long Scratches

07m 36s

Fixing Creases

09m 18s

Assembling Large Images

03m 4s

Working From Scratch

08m 21s

Chapter: Correcting Stains

Introduction - Chapter 5

01m 33s

Handling Images With Stains

09m 25s

Repairing Localized Damage With Masks

12m 52s

Removing Old Yellowed Tape

09m 34s

Using Multiple Images To Repair Damage

09m 13s

Handling Images With Mould

07m 19s

Chapter: Image Exposure

Introduction - Chapter 6

00m 58s


12m 17s


07m 34s

Defining Image Editing Points

07m 13s

Working With Pesky Color Casts With Channels

03m 26s

Correcting Overt Shadows And Highlights

05m 7s

Chapter: Color Correction

Introduction - Chapter 7

01m 13s

Removing Color Casts With Anti Color

04m 31s

Using The Photo Filter Adjustment Layer

03m 16s

Using The Color Balance Adjustment Layer

03m 18s

Removing Unwanted Color

04m 49s

Color Correction By The Numbers

06m 43s

Adding Color To A Grayscale Image

07m 19s

Chapter: Repairing Missing Details

Introduction - Chapter 8

01m 33s

Eliminating Unwanted Details

07m 35s

Changing Backgrounds

04m 41s

Solving Distracting Surface Problems

06m 52s

Adding Missing Parts

08m 57s

Changing The Sky With Channels And Masks

09m 56s

Chapter: Finishing Touches

Introduction - Chapter 9

01m 6s

Adding A Splash Of Color

05m 20s

Vignetting A Photo

04m 48s

Generating A Color Cast With Blending Modes

03m 13s

Creating A Matte

09m 57s

Sliding From Color To Grayscale

05m 33s

Sharpening Without Sharpening Filters

04m 22s


02m 8s