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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction To The Level 2 Course

11m 23s

Units Of Measure, Design Files, And Settings

01m 22s

Chapter: Key-Ins

Working With The Key-In Dialog Box

08m 25s

Key-Ins By Direct Entry

04m 9s

Chapter: Advanced Accudraw

Adding And Naming Custom Shortcuts

05m 18s

How To Edit Short Cuts

05m 11s

More On Orthographic Views

12m 45s

Accudraw's Settings Menus

05m 16s

Chapter: Advanced Dimensioning

Inserting, Deleting, And Associating Dimensions

11m 10s

Placing Dimensions In Rotated Views

07m 23s

Saving Dimension Settings As Styles

07m 6s

Placing Geometric Tolerances

13m 3s

Plotting Drawings At Multiple Scales

08m 51s

The Dimension Audit Tool And Annotation Scale

04m 12s

Chapter: Advanced Annotation

Additional Text Placement Methods

11m 39s

Create And Save Text Styles

10m 34s

Using Text Nodes

06m 38s

Text Number Increments And Data Fields

08m 17s

Importing Text Files To Your Design

03m 40s

Checking Spelling And Finding And Replace Text

05m 37s

Annotation Tool Box Options

05m 45s

Chapter: Reference Files And Models

What Are Models And Reference Files

04m 28s

Create Two New Design Files

02m 48s

Attach A Title Block

08m 29s

Scale And Move Attached Reference Files

04m 43s

Add Annotation To Attached Files

06m 47s

Additional Tools And Clipping And Masking

06m 52s

Copying Attachments And Elements

04m 15s

Attachment Hierarchies And Level Display

11m 11s

Saved Views And Orthographics

13m 54s

Additional Reference Settings And Working Units

05m 59s

Looking At Models

03m 44s

Reference And Model Exercise - Part 1

11m 20s

Reference And Model Exercise - Part 2

10m 5s

Reference And Model Exercise - Part 3

08m 43s

Understanding Annotation Scale

10m 40s

Full Size Title Blocks

05m 28s

Models And View Groups

07m 37s

Additional Information

12m 53s

Chapter: Cells

Microstation's Cell Libraries

08m 53s

Placing Cells

04m 22s

Placing Shared Cells

02m 34s

Using The Cell Selector

04m 6s

Other Cell Placement Tools

05m 11s

Create Your Own Cells And Libraries

07m 2s

Changing A Cell's Content

10m 57s

More Cell Information

03m 56s

Cell Exercise

13m 55s

Chapter: Tags

Adding Tags To Designs

11m 34s

Editing Tags

06m 26s

An Exercise With The Change Tags Tool

08m 1s

Generating Tag Data Reports

07m 31s

Chapter: Complex Elements And Regions

Smartlines, Complex Chains, And Complex Elements - Part 1

08m 20s

Smartlines, Complex Chains, And Complex Elements - Part 2

06m 22s

Complex Shape Exercise

02m 14s

Creating Regions (Boolean Operations)

05m 29s

Dropping Complex Elements

09m 10s

Chapter: Patterning

Understanding Hatches And Patterns

05m 19s

Single-Line Hatches And Cross-Hatches

09m 30s

Patterning Methods

04m 33s

Patterning With Cells

13m 3s

Creating Your Own Patterns

06m 37s

Pattern Attributes And Deletion

05m 12s

Patterning Around Holes

09m 53s

Show, Match, And Change Pattern Attributes

03m 23s

Using The Linear Patten Tool

05m 43s

Chapter: Multi-Lines

Understanding Multi-Lines

05m 32s

Multi-Lines Exercise - Exterior Walls

09m 44s

Multi-Lines Exercise - Interior Walls

07m 42s

How To Edit Wall Junctions

03m 29s

Adding Windows And Doors

10m 48s

Additional Multi-Line Tools And Techniques

09m 21s

Chapter: Custom Line Styles

The Basic Process Of Custom Line Creation

03m 17s

First Step - Create The Buoy Symbol And Point Component

05m 36s

Second Step - Create The New Stroke Pattern

03m 34s

Third Step - Associate The Symbol With The Stroke Pattern

04m 30s

Fourth Step - Create The Compound Component

04m 2s

Create New Resource Libraries

07m 43s

Additional Information And Exercises

09m 19s

Chapter: Curves

Curves - Tool Boxes And General Tools

13m 48s

Placing Composite Curves

04m 56s

Curves By A Formula And Editing Curves

03m 39s

Chapter: Points

Placing An Active Point

09m 12s

More Placement Tools

06m 22s

Chapter: Customization

Creating Active Element Templates

09m 18s

Creating Design Libraries

07m 32s

Locking Element Template Attributes

03m 41s

The Standards Checker

04m 1s

Using The Standards Checker

12m 23s

Creating Custom Tool Boxes

06m 46s

Creating Custom Task Lists

06m 41s

User Interfaces

04m 39s

Chapter: Project Explorer

Starting Project Explorer

05m 12s

Adding Links To Project Explorer

05m 10s

Opening Links In Project Explorer

03m 35s

Adding Additional Links

04m 22s

Managing Links

04m 0s

Directory Links And The Model Links

03m 32s

Chapter: Miscellaneous Items

Auxiliary Coordinate System (ACS)

09m 14s

Viewing ACS Orientations

09m 16s

Rotating Views

03m 56s

AutoCAD Files In Microstation

06m 55s

Assigning Functions To Function Keys

04m 34s

Packaging Design Files

01m 56s

Design History

03m 11s

Apply Data Cleanup

04m 6s

Named Groups, Display Sets, And Quicksets

07m 17s

Excel In Microstation

02m 24s

Chapter: About The Author

About Me

01m 5s