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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 16s

Motion Specific Techniques

01m 49s

Chapter: Interface

Project Browser And Workspace Overview

02m 23s

Adding Files To The Project Pane

05m 11s

Timing Pane

06m 48s

The Canvas Viewing Preferences And Expose

22m 18s

HUD And The Inspector

10m 53s

The Library

09m 28s


09m 53s

Gestures Trackpad Vs Wacom

02m 43s

Toolbar Tools

02m 43s

Toolbar Objects And Effects

05m 22s

The Paint Stoke Tool And Shapes

09m 15s

Chapter: Project Management

Project Browser Blank Projects And Presets

03m 18s

Working With Templates

03m 48s

Saving And Archiving

01m 53s

Creating Templates

02m 36s

Chapter: Basic Compositing

Layers And Groups

05m 46s

Layer Properties

02m 52s

Blending Modes And Opacities

04m 53s

Clone Layers And Reflections

05m 53s

Editing On The Timeline

09m 11s

Working On The Timeline

07m 35s

Mini Timeline

04m 0s

Group Tracks

02m 22s


03m 42s

Chapter: Behaviours

Behaviour Overview

03m 15s

Applying Behaviours

04m 58s

Modifying Behaviours

08m 57s


05m 40s

Simulations And Stop

09m 5s


01m 30s

Parameter Behaviours

09m 8s

Custom Behaviours

02m 42s

Converting Behaviours To Keyframes

02m 31s

Chapter: Keyframes

Keyframe Overview And Recording

03m 43s

Keyframes In The Timeline

03m 47s

Keyframe Editor

08m 3s

Curve Sets And Curves

06m 2s

Mini Curve Editor

01m 27s

Animating On The Fly

03m 27s

Keyframing Thinning

03m 41s

Chapter: Masking And Keying

Mask Basics

04m 25s

Mask Editing And Image Masks

09m 37s

Chroma Keying

07m 25s

Luminance Keys

04m 1s

Mask And Key Project

18m 23s

Chapter: Particles

Particle Anatomy

02m 27s

Library Particles

02m 34s

Parameters Emitters

10m 25s

Parameters Particles

19m 42s

Multiple Particles

07m 25s

Particle Effects Masks Behaviours

08m 39s

Custom Particle Systems

02m 20s

Chapter: Replicator

Replicator Overview

04m 15s

Library Replicators

06m 9s

Replicator Parameters

14m 33s

Creating Replicators

06m 25s

Sequence Behaviour - Chapter 9

09m 36s

Masks Filters And Behaviours

04m 22s

Managing Custom Replicators

01m 55s

Chapter: Working With Text

Creating And Formatting Text

11m 15s

Advanced Formatting

11m 45s

Glyph Tool

03m 23s

Type On And Off

08m 10s

Sequence Behaviour - Chapter 10

15m 11s

Scroll And Crawl

04m 0s

Chapter: Generators


06m 23s

Text Generators

05m 54s

Chapter: Filters


01m 50s

Adding And Creating Filters

04m 41s

Filter Demo

06m 6s

Chapter: Motion Tracking And Stabilizing

Motion Tracking Basics

07m 47s

Parameter Tracking And Match Move

09m 15s

Two Point Tracking

11m 36s

Four Corner Pinning

13m 21s

Shape Tracking

11m 24s

Chapter: Audio

Working With Audio

04m 55s

Keyframing Audio

05m 18s

Audio Behaviours

03m 11s

Audio Parameter Behaviour

06m 10s

Chapter: Working With FCP X And Rigging

Rigging Intro

03m 11s

Checkbox Widgets

04m 45s

Popup Widgets

09m 11s

Slider Widgets

05m 25s

Project Snapshots

04m 33s

FCP X Filters

05m 52s

FCP X Generators

03m 32s

FCP X Transitions

04m 9s

FCP X Titles

05m 52s

FCP X Template Locations

02m 19s

Chapter: Sharing

Share Menu

08m 9s

About The Author

01m 25s