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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To Audition CC

01m 24s

An Overview Of Adobe Audition CC

10m 5s

How We Combine Audition CS6 and CC Lessons

04m 37s

Setting Up The Exercise Files

03m 11s

Setting General Preferences

07m 35s

Adjusting Audio Preferences

04m 20s

Setting Other Preferences And Keyboard Shortcuts

06m 21s

Returning Preferences To Their Default Settings

01m 32s

Chapter: Explaining Audio Fundamentals

Hearing And Viewing Simple Sound Waves

08m 6s

Hearing And Viewing Complex Sound Waves

08m 9s

How Sound Waves Interact

10m 58s

Understanding Digital Audio Concepts

09m 32s

Chapter: Understanding the Audition Workflow And Workspaces

Explaining The Workflow

03m 45s

Navigating The Workspace

09m 2s

Customizing Workspaces

07m 56s

Chapter: Importing And Recording Audio

Importing And Opening Files

08m 24s

Inserting And Appending Files

06m 4s

Extracting Audio From CD

05m 44s

Using The Media Browser

10m 47s

Viewing Clip Properties

07m 55s

Setting Up Recording Hardware

06m 11s

Recording In The Waveform View

06m 9s

Recording In A Multitrack Session

09m 46s

Chapter: Editing Audio Clips

Playing And Monitoring Audio

07m 51s

Viewing Audio Waveforms And Spectral Displays

10m 13s

Selecting Audio Time Ranges In The Waveform View

07m 34s

Using The Snapping Feature When Selecting Time Ranges

04m 57s

Cropping Clips And Deleting Segments

08m 54s

Copying, Cutting And Pasting Audio

10m 8s

Adjusting Amplitude

08m 14s

Reversing Audio And Creating Silence

06m 43s

Working With Audio In Video Files

08m 30s

Chapter: Understanding Audition Audio Effects

An Overview Of The Effects In Audition

10m 54s

Applying Effects To Individual Files

14m 14s

Working In The Preview Editor

08m 47s

Applying Effects In A Multitrack Session

09m 53s

Chapter: Using Selected Audition Effects

Amplitude And Compression - Compressor Effects

09m 35s

Amplitude And Compression - Miscellaneous Effects

09m 28s

Amplitude And Compression - Envelope Effects

11m 34s

Delay And Echo Effects

11m 21s

Filter And Equalizer Effects

10m 23s

Explaining The Scientific Filter Effect

04m 0s

Modulation Effects

10m 3s

Reverb Effects

12m 25s

Special Effects

12m 8s

Two Stereo Imagery Effects

08m 38s

Using The Stereo Expander

04m 52s

VST And Other Third-Party Effects

10m 32s

Chapter: Working With Noise Reduction And Restoration Effects

Visually Identifying Noises

07m 43s

Noise Reduction And Sound Removal Strategy

01m 34s

Cleaning Up Background Noise - Noise And Hiss Reduction Effects

11m 7s

Using The Click/Pop Eliminator And DeClicker Effects

10m 0s

Cleaning Up Individual Noises

14m 3s

Using The Sound Remover Effect

12m 27s

Using The Adaptive Noise Reduction And DeHummer Effects

06m 17s

Using Specialized Techniques To Fix Issues

08m 58s

Chapter: Using Analytical And Diagnostic Tools

Using The Loudness Radar Metering Feature

07m 40s

Analyzing And Fixing Phase Issues

10m 12s

Using Two Analytical Tools - Amplitude And Frequency

07m 47s

Deleting Or Marking Silence

05m 24s

Using The DeClipper To Repair Overly Loud Audio

08m 5s

Chapter: Changing Pitch And Stretching Time

Visually Examining Pitch

06m 28s

Using Automatic Pitch Correction

05m 28s

Changing Pitch With The Manual Pitch Correction Effect

13m 42s

Using The Stretch And Pitch Effect

07m 2s

Working With The Pitch Bender And Pitch Shifter Effects

09m 36s

Using Clip Time And Pitch Stretching In A Multitrack Session

09m 49s

Chapter: Using And Creating Favorites And Effect Rack Presets

Examining Effect Favorites

12m 0s

Creating Custom Favorites

09m 51s

Saving Effects Rack Presets

06m 17s

Chapter: Building And Mixing Multitrack Sessions

Understanding Multitrack Concepts

10m 34s

Setting Up Multitrack Sessions

11m 20s

Customizing A Multitrack Session And Creating A Template

13m 18s

Using Basic Track Controls - Zoom, Mute And Solo

08m 14s

Working With Video In A Multitrack Session

07m 18s

Routing Outputs

10m 11s

Routing Sends

11m 58s

Adding, Deleting, Copying And Pasting Clips

10m 19s

Trimming, Splitting And Nudging Clips

11m 13s

Changing Clip Properties

08m 59s

Adjusting And Automating Track And Clip Panning

10m 12s

Adjusting And Automating Track And Clip Volume

08m 23s

Fading, Crossfading And Matching Volume

08m 26s

Using Write, Latch And Touch Volume Controls

13m 21s

Chapter: Saving And Exporting Files And Multitrack Sessions

Understanding Audio File Formats

05m 54s

Saving Files And Multitrack Sessions

09m 39s

Mixing Down Multitrack Sessions To Files

06m 38s

Extracting Audio Channels And Exporting Multiple Files

06m 42s

Exporting To CD

11m 32s

Chapter: Checking Out Some Extra Features

Tapping Into Free Music, Loops And Sound Effects From Adobe

05m 19s

Working With Loops In Audition

08m 49s

Generating Noise - White, Pink, Brown And Grey

07m 45s

Generating Tones

10m 45s

Checking Out The Side-Chain Feature

03m 48s

Using Audition With Other Adobe Applications

03m 14s

Chapter: Wrap-up

Wrap-Up And Additional Resources

02m 17s

Chapter: About The Author

About Jeff Sengstack

02m 0s