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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Why Use WordPress For E-Commerce?

03m 16s

Course Assumptions

03m 41s

How To Choose WordPress Plugins

07m 39s

How To Install And Activate WordPress Plugins

03m 55s

Types Of E-Commerce For WordPress

04m 31s

Chapter: Single Item Selling

What Single Item Selling Covers

03m 9s

Adding Buy Now Buttons

07m 9s

Nice PayPal Button Lite Plugin

04m 48s

Simple Cart And Buy Now Plugin

07m 59s

Easy PayPal Custom Fields Plugin

06m 3s

Enhanced PayPal Shortcodes Plugin

07m 41s

WordPress Easy PayPal Payment Accept Plugin

07m 29s

PayPal Donations Plugin

07m 2s

Donate Plus Plugin - Part 1

05m 58s

Donate Plus Plugin - Part 2

06m 52s

Chapter: WordPress And Shopping Carts

Elements Of A Shopping Cart

04m 50s

Organizing A Product Catalogue Using Posts

06m 54s

Product Catalogue Menu And Image Galleries

08m 1s

Preparing Product Images

04m 12s

Handling Product Thumbnails In WordPress

06m 11s

Issues With Displaying Products In WordPress

03m 32s

Using Tables For Layout

08m 39s

Using Divs For Layout

06m 34s

Using Custom Fields - Part 1

07m 42s

Using Custom Fields - Part 2

07m 21s

Creating A Product Template - Part 1

06m 8s

Creating A Product Template - Part 2

04m 38s

Creating A Product Template - Part 3

05m 29s

Creating A Product Template - Part 4

06m 39s

Creating A Product Template - Part 5

05m 40s

Creating A Product Template - Part 6

03m 28s

Creating A Product Template - Part 7

08m 9s

Chapter: Basic Shopping Cart Plugins

A Basic PayPal Shopping Cart Without Plugins

08m 12s

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Settings

07m 42s

WSPSC Implementation - Part 1

06m 17s

WSPSC Implementation - Part 2

06m 26s

WSPSC Shipping And Taxes - Part 1

06m 32s

WSPSC Shipping And Taxes - Part 2

03m 54s

WSPSC Options And Customization

07m 59s

Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Settings - Part 1

06m 28s

Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Settings - Part 2

06m 10s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Implementation - Part 1

08m 1s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Implementation - Part 2

07m 42s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Implementation - Part 3

06m 2s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Shipping

07m 33s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Custom Checkout Button

05m 8s

Ultra Simple PayPal SC Styling The Cart

06m 2s

Chapter: Digital Downloads

Special Issues For Digital Products

03m 29s

Using Third-Party Download Services

07m 54s

Easy Digital Downloads Basic Settings

08m 11s

Easy Digital Downloads Adding And Displaying Products

08m 18s

Easy Digital Downloads Checkout And Download Process

05m 48s

Easy Digital Downloads Widgets And Add-Ons

04m 17s

Paid Downloads Basic Setup

06m 41s

Paid Downloads Completing Transactions

04m 10s

WP E-Commerce Digital Downloads

05m 33s

Jigoshop Digital Downloads

03m 33s

WooCommerce Digital Downloads

06m 53s

Chapter: Complete Shopping Carts

Elements Of A Complete Shopping Cart System

03m 48s

WordPress Plugins Vs. Standalone Solutions

06m 8s

Integrating WordPress With A Standalone Cart

04m 20s

Other Free Shopping Cart Plugins

03m 53s

Free Vs. Commercial Plugins

05m 59s

Chapter: WP E-Commerce Plugin

Introduction And Basic Settings - Part 1

06m 28s

Basic Settings - Part 2

08m 43s

Basic Product Entry

06m 33s

Advanced Product Entry - Part 1

04m 18s

Advanced Product Entry - Part 2

04m 23s

Copy Products - Sale Pricing - Featured

07m 31s

Product Variations Part - 1

04m 54s

Product Variations Part - 2

06m 53s


07m 12s

Shipping - Part 1

08m 12s

Shipping - Part 2

07m 26s

Shipping - Part 3

04m 20s

Taxes Chapter 7 - Part 1

06m 19s

Taxes Chapter 7 - Part 2

04m 24s

Payment Options

06m 59s

Cart Settings

06m 3s

Checkout Settings

04m 59s

Order Management Reports

06m 2s

Order Management Emails

05m 23s

Built-In Widgets

05m 35s

Free Add-Ons

08m 24s

Catalogue Display Settings - Chapter 7

06m 29s

Catalogue Grid View Options

05m 51s

Image Sizing - Chapter 7

07m 22s

Modifying The Stylesheet

05m 57s

Customizing Your Theme

05m 17s

Template Customizing

07m 46s

WP E-Commerce Evaluation

05m 26s

Chapter: Jigoshop Plugin

Basic Shop Settings

06m 48s

Key Settings To Get Started

07m 53s

Add A Product And Categories

07m 39s

More Product Fields - Chapter 8

07m 13s

Product Variations - Part 1

06m 36s

Product Variations - Part 2

08m 2s

Product Variations - Part 3

06m 36s

Putting Items On Sale

04m 52s

Creating Coupons

07m 31s


08m 11s

Taxes Chapter 8 - Part 1

06m 50s

Taxes Chapter 8 - Part 2

07m 40s


07m 36s

Payment Gateways

05m 24s

Order Management

06m 20s


08m 1s

Imaging Sizing

06m 46s

Re-Cropping Images

06m 22s

Controlling Default Styling

06m 46s

Fix Broken Themes

06m 12s


04m 37s

Jigoshop Evaluation

05m 16s

Chapter: WooCommerce Plugin

Basic Settings

07m 35s

Catalogue And Page Settings

06m 58s

Add Products And Categories

05m 44s

More Product Fields - Chapter 9

05m 23s

Catalogue Display Settings - Chapter 9

06m 56s

Sale Pricing And Coupons

06m 41s

Attributes And Variations - Part 1

07m 37s

Attributes And Variations - Part 2

08m 8s

Shipping Basics

08m 50s

Shipping Classes

06m 0s


07m 7s

Checkout And Payments

05m 37s

Orders And E-Mails

05m 33s

Integration - Widgets - Extensions

05m 27s

Image Galleries

03m 56s

Image Sizing - Chapter 9

06m 44s

Styling And Theme Compatibility

06m 40s

Hooking Into Templates

05m 59s

Shortcodes And Evaluation

07m 49s

Chapter: Conclusion

About The Author

02m 8s