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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Electronic Publishing

Intro To ePubs

02m 50s

About Andy

03m 40s

What You Will Learn

02m 55s

Working With The Exercise Files

01m 55s

What Is Electronic Publishing

05m 14s

Chapter: Electronic Publishing Essentials

Intro To ePub Essentials

01m 21s

Creating An ePub Friendly Document

07m 0s

Setting Up An InDesign Template

06m 56s

Importing Text And Applying Styles

05m 28s

Working With Paragraph Styles

04m 18s

Working With Character Styles

03m 9s

Testing The Document

02m 47s

Chapter: Basic ePub Formatting

Intro To Basic ePub Formatting

01m 45s

Converting Tables To ePubs

08m 57s

Working With Anchors

06m 48s

Using The Articles Panel

08m 20s

Controlling Vertical Spacing

05m 0s

Inserting Inline Graphics

07m 18s

Determining The Viewer Application

02m 19s

Chapter: Page Breaks And Table of Contents

Intro To Page Breaks And Table of Contents

01m 26s

Creating A Cover Page

13m 55s

Generating A Table Of Contents

05m 18s

Breaking Pages On The TOC

02m 54s

Creating Breaks With Additional Styles

05m 38s

Creating A TOC With The Books Panel

09m 1s

Chapter: Optimizing ePub Images

Intro to ePub Images

01m 44s

The Coffee Table E-Book

07m 57s

Creating A Non-Master Master Page

03m 34s

Adding Images And Page Breaks

05m 26s

Adding Alternate Text To An Image

03m 50s

Directly Editing An ePub Document

02m 16s

Controlling Image Placement

05m 47s

Image Optimization

08m 14s

Adding A Separate Cover Page

03m 1s

Chapter: Exporting And Proofing An ePub

Intro To Exporting Options

01m 29s

Export General Options

10m 37s

Export Image Options

06m 35s

Export Advanced Options

04m 10s

Proofing The ePub

07m 11s

Using iTunes And Dropbox

06m 43s

Chapter: Editing The ePub Document Files

Intro To ePub Doc Files

01m 32s

Extracting The ePub Documents

04m 29s

An Overview Of ePub Documents

08m 17s

Editing The ePub Documents In Dreamweaver

04m 44s

Modifying The ePub Table Of Contents

03m 38s

Adding A Guide Section To The ePub

05m 46s

Chapter: Tying Up Loose Ends

Tying Up Loose Ends

01m 24s

Building The Project

09m 48s

Modifying The Table Of Contents

09m 1s

Generating External Links

03m 25s

Working With Alternate ePub Formats

05m 30s

Using The Kindle InDesign Plug-In

07m 8s

Validating The ePub Document

04m 58s

Chapter: Publishing Considerations

Intro To Publishing Considerations

02m 55s

Obtaining An ISBN

03m 27s

Publishing Electronically

10m 17s

Working With An Aggregator

03m 56s

Final Thoughts

01m 56s