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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Poser Pro 2014 Vs Poser 10

02m 57s

What Is Covered

06m 56s

What Is Not Covered

01m 47s

Chapter: Before Getting Started

System Preferences And PC/Mac Differences

01m 20s

Chapter: Interface

Poser Interface Philosophy

05m 41s

Menu Bar And Keyboard Shortcuts

01m 57s

Palette Properties And Parameters

04m 55s


04m 12s

Camera Controls

06m 40s

User Interface - Animation

01m 49s

Chapter: New Features In Poser

New Feature Introduction

01m 13s

Fitting Room - Part 1 (Poser Pro 2014 Only)

06m 34s

Fitting Room - Part 2 (Poser Pro 2014 Only)

06m 8s

Clothing Morph Tool

06m 29s

Comic Book

03m 50s

Softbody Dynamics With Cloth - Part 1

06m 4s

Softbody Dynamics With Cloth - Part 2

05m 59s

Softbody Dynamics With Humans - Part 1

06m 4s

Softbody Dynamics With Humans - Part 2

06m 16s

Compound Shader Nodes

03m 27s

Chapter: Document Window Controls

Document Display Controls

04m 52s

Preview Controls

05m 0s

Document And Render Tab

06m 13s

Chapter: Posing Figures

Inverse Kinematics

02m 27s

Direct Manipulation

04m 35s

Numeric Manipulation

05m 38s

Automatic Balance

03m 0s


02m 10s

Adding Multiple Figures

04m 43s

Using Pre-Made Poses

04m 53s

Using Animated Poses

04m 25s

Chapter: Adding And Posing With Props

Adding Props From The Library

06m 50s

Adding Dynamic Clothing

06m 8s

Adding Prop Hair

03m 33s

Modifying Prop Hair

03m 24s

Adding Strand Hair

05m 17s

Importing Non-Poser Props

03m 57s

Converting Non-Poser Props

02m 49s

Using Prop Hierarchy

06m 28s

Chapter: Changing And Morphing Characters

Morph Dial - Face Manipulation

05m 23s

Morph Dial - Saving Face Morphs

03m 14s

Morph Tool Integration

06m 23s

Morph Tool Manipulation

05m 38s

Using Magnets

05m 45s

Magnet Vertex Painting

04m 58s

Chapter: Materials

Materials Tab Layout

04m 48s

Examining Materials

05m 56s

Creating Textures - Wood

06m 41s

Character Shading

05m 32s

Transparency And Blending

06m 35s

Advanced Blending

04m 40s

Advanced Metallic - Texture

05m 58s

Advanced Metallic - Specular

06m 43s

Advanced Metallic - Bumps

06m 41s

Chapter: Face Room

General Best Methods For Faces

06m 21s

Preparing Custom Face Textures

06m 41s

Texture Alignment

06m 38s

Texture Modification

06m 35s

Texture And Material Management

04m 6s

Chapter: Hair Room

Hair Room Strategies

06m 41s

Hair Groups And Styling

06m 29s

Strand Props

06m 30s

Hair Dynamics

05m 0s

Wind And Coloring

06m 47s

Chapter: Cloth Room

Basic Controls

06m 20s

Dynamic Controls

03m 58s

Advanced Draping And Wave Deformer

03m 58s

Advanced Choreography - Part 1

06m 36s

Advanced Choreography - Part 2

03m 34s

Advanced Constraints - Part 1

05m 56s

Advanced Constraints - Part 2

05m 31s

Chapter: Lighting And Scene Building

Infinite Lighting And Viewing

06m 36s


05m 39s

Point Light

04m 24s

Image Based Lighting

05m 27s

HDRI Image Based Lighting

04m 53s


02m 1s

Advanced Scene Building

05m 47s

Chapter: Animating

General Animation Best Methods

02m 3s

Palette And Key Frames

06m 38s

Editing Key Frames

04m 24s

Graph Editor And Key Frames

03m 53s


05m 40s

Animation Groups

01m 17s

Imported Motion

02m 43s

Chapter: Walk Designer

Basic Walk

06m 41s

Walking A Path

05m 13s

Layer Animation Quirks - Part 1

06m 51s

Layer Animation Quirks - Part 2

06m 25s

Layer Animation Quirks - Part 3

03m 55s

Chapter: Talk Designer

Talk Designer Setup

05m 51s

Talk Designer Finesse

02m 57s

Chapter: Set Up Room

Import And Grouping

06m 46s

Groups and Bones

06m 44s

Adjusting Bones

07m 19s

Adjusting The Rig

06m 10s

Chapter: Rendering

Rendering Best Practices

05m 5s

FireFly Settings - Part 1

06m 36s

FireFly Settings - Part 2

05m 40s

Toon Settings

03m 10s

Sketch Settings

04m 45s

Preview Settings - Graphic Novel

03m 44s

Movie Settings And Codecs

05m 56s

Chapter: Wrap-up

Wrapping Up With Poser

04m 44s

Chapter: About the Author

About Mark Bremmer

01m 3s