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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What We Cover

06m 6s

What We Do Not Cover

01m 2s

Chapter: Mac/PC Orientation

Mac/PC Conventions

01m 10s

Chapter: Interface

General Layout

02m 47s

Tools Palette

02m 14s

Layer Palette

03m 12s

Camera Palette

02m 9s


02m 37s

Style Palette

02m 26s


01m 46s

Chapter: Drawing Tools

Drawing or Importing

02m 52s

Getting Started

03m 12s

Organic Shapes - Part 1

06m 16s

Organic Shapes - Part 2

06m 11s

Welding And Simplifying

05m 41s

Compound Shapes

06m 23s

Shape Order

03m 17s


06m 19s

Brushes - Part 1

05m 20s

Brushes - Part 2

05m 58s

Styles - Part 1

05m 47s

Styles - Part 2

06m 5s

Masking Basic

06m 21s

Masking Advanced

06m 17s

Drawing In 3D - Part 1

05m 38s

Drawing In 3D - Part 2

05m 6s

Chapter: Bones

Bone Introduction

03m 56s

Important Requirements

04m 5s


04m 5s

Smart Bones

06m 19s

Control Levers - Part 1

05m 44s

Control Levers - Part 2

03m 39s

Point Binding

03m 14s

Layer Binding - Chapter 5

03m 46s

Bone Locking

04m 36s


04m 52s

Bone Dynamics

05m 47s

Chapter: Rigging

Rigging Best Methods

06m 11s

Rig Parenting

04m 45s

Rig Finessing

04m 43s

Chapter: Animation

Key Frame Best Methods

05m 54s

Tweeners - Part 1

06m 17s

Tweeners - Part 2

06m 6s


04m 43s

Animating Along A Path

05m 25s

Hiding Layers

05m 38s

Switching Layers

02m 21s

Lip Sync

05m 46s

Lip Sync - Bugs

05m 32s

Depth Sort

05m 59s

Morph Targets

06m 4s

Layer Binding - Chapter 7

03m 5s

Cycling Animation - Part 1

06m 24s

Cycling Animation - Part 2

06m 5s

Cycling Animation - Part 3

05m 3s

Frame by Frame

02m 45s

Chapter: Special Effects

Imported 3D - Part 1

06m 4s

Imported 3D - Part 2

06m 15s

Imported 3D - Part 3

05m 56s

Imported 3D Poser - Part 1

04m 54s

Imported 3D Poser - Part 2

03m 17s

Particles - Part 1

06m 12s

Particles - Part 2

05m 38s

Particles - Part 3

04m 57s

Perspective Shadows

02m 26s

Advanced Shadows

03m 21s

Point At Camera

06m 5s

Style Building - Part 1

06m 20s

Style Building - Part 2

06m 0s

Vector Effects

04m 52s

Image Effects

05m 58s

Motion Tracking - Part 1

05m 53s

Motion Tracking - Part 2

04m 29s

Motion Blur - Chapter 8

04m 27s

Render Effects

05m 58s

Chapter: Castle Project

Project Introduction

03m 4s

Project Settings and Background

03m 57s

Banner Development - Part 1

05m 38s

Banner Development - Part 2

04m 11s

Banner Cycle - Part 1

05m 36s

Banner Cycle - Part 2

04m 54s

Torch Glow - Part 1

05m 8s

Torch Glow - Part 2

04m 18s

Building The Torch - Part 1

05m 37s

Building The Torch - Part 2

05m 11s

Building The Torch - Part 3

05m 37s

Duplicating Torches

02m 16s

Adding A Villain

05m 51s

Character Development

04m 54s

Danger Chicken - Body

06m 23s

Danger Chicken - Style

03m 39s

Wing Masking

02m 39s

Danger Chicken - Legs

05m 31s

Danger Chicken - Comb

05m 28s

Danger Chicken - Eyes

04m 47s

Drawing Summary

01m 41s

Chicken Rig Hierarchy

05m 19s

Leg Rig

04m 56s

Comb Rig

03m 28s

Chicken Rig

05m 49s

Dynamic Checks

04m 4s

Chicken Run Cycle - Part 1

06m 3s

Chicken Run Cycle - Part 2

05m 10s


02m 57s

Element Animation

06m 17s

Chicken - Part 1

05m 37s

Chicken - Part 2

06m 11s

Chicken - Part 3

05m 49s

Chicken - Part 4

05m 36s

Chicken - Part 5

04m 59s

Animated Layer Effects

05m 17s

Motion Blur - Chapter 9

04m 22s

Chapter: Wrap up and Author


05m 6s

Chapter: About The Author

About Mark Bremmer

01m 7s