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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

HTML5 Canvas And EaselJS Introductions

04m 58s

Install The Plug-in

04m 58s

Export To Canvas

04m 53s

Chapter: Title Screen Interactions

Mouse Interactions

04m 33s

Tidying The Display

02m 49s

Chapter: Hero Movement

Clicking And Debugging

03m 2s

Creating Movement

07m 11s

Adding Animation

01m 31s

Chapter: Enemy Control

Managing Attacks

04m 24s

Setting The Retreat

03m 39s

Controlling The Steal

02m 50s

Chapter: Controlling The Collectables

Controlling The Collectables

04m 3s

Cracking Up

02m 47s

Colliding With Player

06m 49s

Returning The Collectable

03m 16s

Chapter: Finishing The Game

Setting Game Over

05m 7s

Increasing Difficulty

03m 9s

Chapter: About The Author

About Me

00m 39s