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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Covered In This Course

03m 38s

How We Combine After Effects CS6 And CC Lessons

02m 23s

An Overview Of Adobe After Effects - Part 1

09m 26s

An Overview Of Adobe After Effects - Part 2

08m 39s

Setting Up The Exercise Files

02m 11s

Re-Linking Assets

04m 52s

Chapter: Explaining The After Effects Workflow And Workspace

Explaining The Workflow

04m 45s

Walking Through A Mini-Project

11m 29s

Touring The Workspace

07m 39s

Customizing The Workspace

09m 6s

Examining Features On The Timeline Panel

10m 43s

Chapter: Creating A Project And Importing Footage

Starting A New Project

03m 43s

Importing Video, Audio, Graphics And Still Images

09m 8s

Importing Layered Photoshop And Illustrator Files

09m 38s

Organizing Assets In The Project Panel

08m 57s

Finding Missing Footage, Fonts And Effects

07m 44s

Chapter: Creating, Arranging And Compositing Layers In A Composition

Creating A New Composition

07m 22s

Adding Assets To A Composition

06m 30s

Adding Layers To A Composition

05m 12s

Adjusting Composition Panel Settings

08m 29s

Viewing And Previewing A Composition

11m 36s

Selecting, Moving, Trimming And Splitting Layers

13m 22s

Working With Image Sequences

06m 2s

Chapter: Modifying And Animating Layer Transform Properties

Setting Layer Transform Property Values

12m 12s

Animating Transform Properties With Keyframes

12m 11s

Creating And Changing Motion Paths

15m 16s

Using Easy Ease And Hold Keyframes

19m 24s

Using Anchor Points And Motion Blur To Create Whip Pans

12m 31s

Setting Scaling Quality Using Bicubic Or Bilinear Sampling

05m 14s

Chapter: Working With Text

Creating And Editing Text

10m 37s

Using Layer Styles With Text

13m 46s

Importing, Converting And Editing Text From Photoshop

09m 27s

Moving Text Along A Path

10m 32s

Using Source Text Property - Changing Text Characteristics

04m 33s

Chapter: Animating Text

Text Animation Basics

06m 58s

Using Animation Presets

10m 23s

Creating Custom Animations

17m 2s

Chapter: Working With Shapes

Introducing Shapes

06m 25s

Using Shape Tools

11m 40s

Drawing Shapes Freehand

06m 47s

Using Photoshop And Illustrator Paths

10m 44s

Creating Shapes From Vector Graphics And Text

10m 41s

Using Shape Presets

14m 21s

Applying And Animating Shape Effects

11m 1s

Creating Advanced Animations Using Brainstorm

07m 11s

Chapter: Working With Paint Tools - Brush, Eraser, Clone Stamp And Roto-Brush

Introducing Paint Tools

08m 17s

Working With The Brush And Eraser Tools

16m 17s

Using The Clone Stamp Tool

13m 35s

Selecting Moving Objects With The Roto-Brush Tool

15m 4s

Using The Refine Edge Tool

09m 15s

Chapter: Working With Masks

Using Shape Tools To Make Masks

10m 18s

Using The Pen Tool To Make Masks

15m 3s

Creating Vignettes With Masks

11m 54s

Animating And Morphing Masks

11m 17s

Chapter: Making Track Mattes And Stencils

Understanding Track Mattes - Luma And Alpha

08m 14s

Animating Track Mattes

07m 53s

Making Stencils From Text

07m 40s

Using Effects And Layer Styles With Track Mattes And Stencils

10m 5s

Chapter: Distorting And Animating Objects With Puppet Tools

Introducing Puppet Tools

05m 56s

Using The Puppet Pin Tool

10m 6s

Recording A Puppet Pin Tool Motion

07m 19s

Checking Out Overlap And Starch Tools

08m 10s

Chapter: Parenting, Nesting, Pre-Composing And Null Object Layers

Intro To Parent-Child Relationship

10m 27s

Using Null Object Layers For Parenting

07m 27s

Explaining Nesting And Pre-Composing

12m 0s

Chapter: Using Expressions

Using The Pick Whip To Create Expressions

13m 45s

Trying Expressions Templates

09m 23s

Using The Wiggle Expression

04m 57s

Working With Expression Control Effects

10m 9s

Chapter: Applying Effects And Transitions

Applying Effects

07m 44s

Sampling Effects

08m 16s

Checking Out The Cycore Effects

08m 54s

Applying Transitions

10m 33s

Performing Color Correction - Featuring Color Finesse 3

10m 52s

Stopping, Stretching, Reversing And Re-Mapping Time

11m 56s

Chapter: Tracking Motion And Stabilizing Shaky Footage

Tracking Motion With The Tracker

10m 43s

Applying Motion Keyframes To Layers, Objects And Effects

10m 8s

Working With The Corner Pin Features

08m 51s

Stabilizing Shaky Video With The Tracker

09m 31s

Using Warp Stabilizer VFX To Stabilize And Composite Shaky Video

10m 49s

Using The Clone Stamp Tool With The Tracker

07m 18s

Chapter: Working In 3D Space

Working In Three Dimensions

09m 22s

Basic 3D Animation And Multi-Planing

12m 50s

Animating 2D Text In 3D Space

07m 2s

Using The Layer Snapping Feature

10m 53s

Chapter: Using Cameras In 3D Space

Setting Up A One- And Two-Node Cameras

12m 39s

Animating A Camera Using The Selection Tool

09m 46s

Animating A Camera Using The Unified Camera Tool

06m 3s

Using Null Object Layers As Animation Aides

06m 28s

Using The Camera To Animate Still Image Layers

08m 27s

Chapter: Using Lights In 3D Space

Introducing Light Types, Properties And Settings

08m 8s

Adjusting Light Properties

08m 58s

Working With Layer Material Options And Shadows

09m 18s

Chapter: Tracking Camera Moves In Simulated 3D Space

Analyzing 2D Footage With The 3D Camera Tracker

08m 50s

Attaching Content To 3D Camera Track Points

14m 2s

Adding A Shadow Catcher And A Light

06m 31s

Chapter: Using The Ray-Traced 3D Renderer

Creating Beveled And Extruded Text And Shapes

09m 33s

Working With Transparency And Refraction

06m 48s

Adding Reflections And An Environment Layer

11m 6s

Chapter: Using Cinema 4D Lite To Create And Animate 3D Objects

Introducing Cinema 4D Lite

07m 56s

Creating Cinema 4D Files

11m 45s

Importing And Editing Cinema 4D Files

09m 10s

Explaining The Cineware Effect And Render Engine

09m 43s

Using Solid Layers, Cameras And Lights In Cinema 4D Lite

10m 37s

Chapter: Completing Your Project

Saving And Exporting Your Project

03m 21s

Rendering Your Project - The Render Queue

05m 12s

Rendering Your Project - The Adobe Media Encoder

03m 58s

Chapter: Wrap-Up

Closing Comments And Additional Resources

03m 13s

Chapter: About The Author

About Jeff Sengstack

01m 21s