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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction Data Warehousing 2012

What You Will Learn

03m 6s

Data Warehouse Concepts And Architecture

05m 10s

Data Warehouse Solutions

05m 7s

Chapter: Data Warehouse Hardware

Data Warehouse Challenges - Memory

06m 20s

Data Warehouse Challenges - Physical

04m 52s

Data Warehouse Architectures

07m 13s

Data Warehouse Appliances

04m 3s

Chapter: Designing And Implementing A Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Logical Design

07m 19s

Data Warehouse Physical Design

08m 28s

Exercise: Implementing A Data Warehouse Schema

02m 5s

Solution For Implementing A Data Warehouse Schema

06m 19s

Chapter: Design And Implement A Data Warehouse Schema


10m 14s

Defining A Data Source

07m 32s

Implementing A Data Flow - Part 1

08m 14s

Implementing A Data Flow - Part 2

09m 3s

Exercise: Implementing A SSIS Package

03m 38s

Solution For Implementing A SSIS Package

06m 5s

Chapter: Control Flows And SSIS Package

Introduction To Control Flows

09m 48s

Dynamic Packages

11m 7s

Defining Containers - Part 1

06m 55s

Defining Containers - Part 2

07m 35s

Manage Consistency

06m 19s

Exercise: Implement Control Flows In SSIS

02m 51s

Solution For Implementing Control Flow SSIS

04m 18s

Chapter: Debugging And Troubleshooting SSIS Packages

Debugging SSIS

09m 35s

Error Log Providers

07m 38s

Error Handling And SSIS - Part 1

07m 57s

Error Handling And SSIS - Part 2

05m 25s

Exercise: Debugging And Troubleshooting SSIS

02m 53s

Solution For Debugging And Troubleshooting SSIS

04m 38s

Chapter: Incremental ETL Process

Introduction To Incremental ETL Processes

09m 50s

Extract Modified Data - Part 1

09m 26s

Extract Modified Data - Part 2

07m 9s

Load Modified Data

09m 45s

Exercise: Load Incremental Data

05m 9s

Solution For Incremental Load

09m 57s

Chapter: Enforcing Data Quality

Data Cleansing

07m 22s

Data Quality Services

06m 55s

Data Quality Services And Matching Data

09m 4s

Exercise Cleansing Data

04m 30s

Solution For Cleansing Data

09m 12s

Exercise: De-Duplicating Data

05m 31s

Solution For De-Duplicating Data

09m 42s

Chapter: Master Data Services

What Is Master Data Services

07m 54s

Implementing Master Data Services

09m 18s

Excel Add-In For Master Data Services

07m 33s

Chapter: Extending SSIS

Custom SSIS Components

05m 43s

Scripting And SSIS - Part 1

07m 17s

Scripting And SSIS - Part 2

08m 17s

Chapter: Deploying SSIS Packages

Overview Of SSIS Deployment

08m 8s

Deploying SSIS Packages - Part 1

07m 16s

Deploying SSIS Packages - Part 2

09m 16s

Planning SSIS Package Execution

08m 40s

Exercise: Deploying An SSIS Package

03m 31s

Solution For Deploying SSIS Package

06m 41s

Chapter: Consuming Data

Data Warehouse Using Excel

08m 31s

Using PowerPivot And Data Warehouse

08m 5s

Data Warehouse And SSRS

08m 6s

Exercise: Using Excel And PowerPivot

03m 2s

Solution For Excel And PowerPivot

05m 38s

Chapter: About The Author

Learn About Me

02m 3s