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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is SolidWorks All About

04m 42s

First Time You Run SolidWorks

07m 2s

SolidWorks Default Interface - Part 1

08m 28s

SolidWorks Default Interface - Part 2

06m 22s

SolidWorks Default Interface - Part 3

05m 52s

Customizing The Interface - Part 1

09m 10s

Customizing The Interface - Part 2

06m 15s

Customizing The Interface - Part 3

12m 5s

Templates And File Types

09m 44s

Chapter: Sketching

Introducing Sketch Elements

09m 17s

Sketching Rectangles

09m 15s

More Sketch Entities

08m 5s

Using Sketch Tools

06m 55s

Design Intent And Automatic Sketch Relations

09m 25s

3D Sketch Introduction

05m 14s

Introduction To Dimensions In 2D Sketches

06m 49s

The Modify Dialog Box

09m 2s

Getting Started On A Simple Model

07m 33s

Chapter: Working With SolidWorks Features

Examining A Linkage - Part 1

10m 39s

Examining A Linkage - Part 2

12m 47s

Building A Linkage - Part 1

06m 17s

Building A Linkage - Part 2

11m 0s

Building A Linkage - Part 3

11m 28s

Fillets Through Variable Radius

12m 42s

More Fillets

09m 54s


03m 6s


07m 54s

Mirror And Feature Order

06m 51s

Mirroring Parts

05m 56s

Simple Configurations

06m 23s

Configurations And Design Tables

06m 9s

Meta Data

05m 33s

Chapter: Tools For Plastic Parts

Plastic Features Introduction

03m 1s

Draft Introduction

08m 26s

Neutral Plane Draft

06m 59s

Parting Line Draft

07m 0s

Step Draft

08m 19s


09m 56s

Multiple Shells

07m 0s

Ribs - Part 1

09m 38s

Ribs - Part 2

06m 44s

Mounting Bosses

10m 47s

Reference Geometry

09m 3s

Lip And Groove

05m 58s

Snap, Hook, and Groove

06m 24s


11m 40s

Chapter: Modeling A Sheet Metal Enclosure

Sheet Metal Introduction

06m 8s

Building A Sheet Metal Enclosure - Part 1

09m 27s

Building A Sheet Metal Enclosure - Part 2

06m 32s

Library Features and Forming Tools

05m 2s

Creating A Forming Tool From Scratch

13m 6s

Using The Insert Bends Method

05m 12s

Lofted Bends

03m 58s

Corner Treatments

06m 55s

Chapter: Simple Sweeps And Lofts

3D Sketch Review

13m 36s

Creating Pipes

11m 54s

3D Splines And Sweeping Wires

10m 25s

Sweeps With Guide Curves

12m 45s

Loft And Boundary

07m 27s

Helix And Threads

10m 3s

Sweep With Twist

05m 54s

Chapter: Part Drawings

Introduction To SolidWorks Drawings

02m 58s

Templates And Formats - Part 1

11m 31s

Templates And Formats - Part 2

06m 30s

Templates And Formats - Part 3

01m 35s

Creating New Drawing

05m 46s

Creating Views

11m 28s

More View Display Options

04m 34s

Placing Dimensions and Annotations

05m 53s

Chapter: Editing

Editing - Part 1

08m 38s

Editing - Part 2

09m 16s

Chapter: Building Assemblies

Introduction To Assemblies - Part 1

09m 32s

Introduction To Assemblies - Part 2

05m 43s

Putting Parts Into An Assembly

07m 34s

Assembling Parts

08m 40s

Mating The Wishbone

13m 54s

Mating The Linkage

07m 33s

Handlbar Sub-Assembly

13m 18s

Assembling The Fork Into The Motorcycle

08m 22s

Simple Animation

03m 34s

Assembly Tools

05m 8s

Tools For Large Assemblies

12m 53s

Creating A Multibody Chain

09m 18s


08m 4s

Chapter: Visualization Techniques

Visualization Introduction

09m 15s


07m 52s


05m 24s

Display Modes

04m 23s

Chapter: Assembly Drawings

Assembly Drawings

09m 32s

Exploded View

05m 26s

Multiple Position View And Printing

04m 41s

Detached Drawings And eDrawings

06m 15s

Chapter: Conclusion

Favorite Settings

08m 25s

Best Practice Suggestions

08m 31s

SolidWorks Resources On The Web

03m 3s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

00m 59s