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Table of Contents

Chapter: Compressor Overview


00m 38s


02m 13s

Compressor Windows

03m 48s

Chapter: Using Compressor

Batch Templates

05m 14s

Manual Workflows

04m 13s

Preview Monitor

10m 31s

Share Monitor

02m 55s

Chapter: Customizing Workflows

Creating Manual Settings

02m 59s

Frame Controls

05m 21s

Video Filters - Part 1

12m 0s

Video Filters - Part 2

04m 46s

Geometry - Part 1

03m 26s

Geometry - Part 2

03m 25s

Chapter: Additional Workflow Settings


03m 40s

Adding Actions

06m 16s

Additional Information

02m 6s

Chapter: Workflows For Audio

Creating AIFF

02m 20s

Creating Common Audio

02m 29s

Creating MP3

02m 51s

Creating Dolby Digital

07m 4s

Chapter: Workflows For Editing Formats

Creating DV Stream

01m 7s

Working With Image Sequences

04m 46s

Chapter: Workflows For H.264

Creating H.264 for Apple Devices

03m 2s

Creating H.264 for Bluray and AVCHD

02m 23s

Chapter: Workflows For MPEG

Creating MPEG1

02m 20s

Creating MPEG2

10m 36s

Creating MPEG4

05m 13s

Chapter: Workflows For Quicktime

Quicktime Export Components

01m 26s

Quicktime Movie

02m 12s

Chapter: Droplets

Creating A Droplet

02m 31s

Working With Droplets

02m 54s

Chapter: Distributed Processing

Distributed Processing

02m 23s

Computer Plus

02m 56s


02m 32s


01m 34s

Chapter: Advanced Compressor

Essential Preferences

02m 59s

Important Files

01m 56s

Command Line

04m 50s

HTTP Live Streaming Overview

02m 32s

Setup A Webserver

00m 31s

Creating HTTP Live Streaming

03m 42s

Chapter: Goodbye

FCPX And Compressor4

01m 22s

Motion5 And Compressor4

01m 37s


00m 26s