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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with OpenGL ES

Setting Up OpenGL ES in Eclipse

04m 49s

Creating an OpenGL ES Environment

03m 35s

Creating Your First Shaders

03m 10s

Loading and Compiling the Shaders

03m 19s

Chapter: OpenGL ES Math

OpenGL ES Matrix System

02m 20s

Vector Math

02m 26s

Projection Matrix and Camera View

03m 48s

Transformation Matrix - Scale and Translate

02m 10s

Transformation Matrix - Rotation and Final

03m 0s

Theory - Quaternions

02m 39s

Chapter: Lighting

Ambient Lighting

03m 19s

Diffuse Lighting

02m 51s

Specular Lighting

02m 20s

Directional Light

03m 24s

Point Light

02m 8s

Spot Light

02m 27s

Chapter: Texturing

Loading Textures

02m 9s

Creating New Shaders for Texturing

02m 53s

Drawing the Texture

01m 47s

Texture Filtering

01m 58s

Chapter: Particle Systems

Shaders for a Particle System

01m 56s

Adding a Particle System

02m 15s

Drawing the Particle System

01m 34s

Customizing the Particles

01m 49s

Chapter: Breakout - Assets and UI

Menu Screens

03m 15s

Game Interface

02m 32s

Creating the Bricks

02m 2s

Creating the Ball and Paddle

03m 10s

Sound Effects

01m 27s

Chapter: Breakout - Gameplay

Ball Movement

01m 44s

Paddle Input - Touch

01m 42s

Paddle Input - Accelerometer

02m 20s

Collisions - Broad Phase

04m 51s

Collisions - Narrow Phase

01m 43s

Scoring and Lives

02m 26s

Chapter: Breakout - Finishing Touches

Creating a Local HighScores Table

02m 48s

How to Publish Your Game

02m 29s

Optimization Techniques

02m 12s

How to Add In-App Purchases

03m 52s