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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Camtasia

The Course Overview

03m 4s

A Tour of Camtasia Studio 8

07m 14s

Chapter: Planning Your E-Learning Project

Creating a Storyboard

04m 47s

The Project Workflow

04m 39s

Configuring Project Settings

04m 39s

Chapter: Camtasia Fundamentals

Importing Media

04m 35s

Creating the Title Clips

03m 11s

Using Transitions

02m 55s

Recording Narration

05m 18s

Chapter: Creating Screencasts

Preparing to Record

02m 52s

Recording Your Screen

04m 46s

Trimming and Cutting

03m 30s

Using Callouts

04m 25s

Chapter: Capturing Lectures

Recording Yourself

03m 32s

Recording PowerPoint Presentations

05m 0s

Applying the Green Screen Effect

04m 43s

Chapter: Adding Interactivity

Creating Quizzes

05m 5s

Creating Scenario-based Assessments Using Hotspots

04m 7s

Creating a Table of Contents

03m 46s

Chapter: Publishing Your Project

Publishing Your Project

05m 25s

Customizing the Player

02m 54s

Publishing to YouTube

03m 18s

Publishing a SCORM Package

04m 43s

Chapter: Putting Camtasia to Extra Use

Using Camtasia with Other E-Learning Authoring Tools

04m 28s

Embedding Camtasia Videos in a Web Page

03m 20s