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Table of Contents

Chapter: First Application

Bootstrapping Your Workspace

04m 34s

"Hello, world!"

04m 40s

Mastering the "go" Tool

04m 54s

First Useful Application

05m 0s

Commenting the Code

04m 11s

Chapter: Basic and Complex Data Types

Variables and Constants

06m 28s

Playing with Numbers and Strings

05m 37s

Pointers and Values

03m 53s

Slices and Arrays

06m 35s

Two-dimensional Slices

02m 49s


04m 30s

Chapter: Control Structures

"if-else" Understand Your Code to Make Decisions

05m 8s

"switch" Decisions Are Made Even Simpler

04m 25s

"for" Mastering Cycles

06m 19s

Processing Errors

03m 21s

The "comma-ok" Notation

02m 47s

Chapter: Structuring Code with Functions and Packages


06m 51s

Anonymous Functions

04m 53s


05m 11s

Package Initialization

03m 16s

Deferred Execution

04m 45s

Chapter: Object-oriented Programming in Go


06m 26s


04m 8s


04m 35s

Universal Interface

02m 34s

Chapter: Goroutines and Channels

Goroutines Lifecycle and Parallel Execution

06m 52s


04m 26s

Buffered Channels

04m 42s

The FanIn Pattern

03m 6s

The FanOut Pattern

02m 37s

Chapter: Building a Web Image Manipulation Program (WIMP), Part I - Web Application

Running a Web Server in Go

03m 35s

URL Multiplexer and Query String Parameters

03m 45s

Adding Templates

03m 34s

Caching Templates

02m 57s

Errors, Panic, and Recover

03m 40s

Chapter: Building a Web Image Manipulation Program (WIMP), Part II - Image Processing

Hooking Up an Image Encoding and Decoding

03m 4s

Color Inversion

03m 4s

Image Rotation

02m 41s

Improving the Design

04m 48s


02m 14s