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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 31s

What To Expect

02m 13s

What Is Linux

02m 44s


03m 14s

Obtaining Ubuntu Linux

02m 57s

Chapter: Installation


01m 45s


01m 33s

Starting Install

01m 25s

Installation Process

01m 24s

Disk Creation

02m 11s

Users At Creation

02m 32s

Chapter: Around The Desktop


02m 22s


02m 40s

Looking For Programs

03m 39s

Running Graphical Programs

03m 50s


02m 49s

Useful Utilities

03m 59s

Office Apps - LibreOffice

04m 10s

Using The Terminal

03m 38s


02m 27s

Running Programs

04m 41s

Switching Desktop Environments

01m 43s

Using The Display Manager

02m 15s

Getting Help

04m 51s


03m 37s

Internet Apps - Firefox And Pidgin

03m 38s

Chapter: File Management

Using The Console To List Files

04m 19s

File Permissions

05m 53s

File Management - Copy, Move And Rename

03m 24s

Filesystem Layout

06m 24s

Path Variable

04m 48s

Editing Files

02m 57s

Pseudo Filesystems - /dev, /proc And /sys

05m 48s

File Sharing

02m 43s

Locating Files - find And which

04m 41s


04m 3s

Special Files - /dev/null, /dev/zero And /dev/urandom

03m 54s

Dot Files

03m 13s

Symbolic And Hard Links

05m 11s


05m 10s

Chapter: System Management

Package Sources And Updating

03m 54s

Package Management - Search, Install And Remove

06m 19s

Logging And Log Management

05m 55s

Service Management

04m 33s

Process Management - ps And top

05m 6s

Process Management - kill And killall

03m 46s

Building Software

05m 19s

Useful Utilities - grep, sed

05m 43s

Kernel Modules

04m 24s

Kernel Config - sysctl

04m 13s

User Management - Files

04m 25s

User Management - Adding And Changing Users

04m 28s

User Management - Groups

02m 45s

Using Cron To Automate Tasks

03m 57s

Using Sudo

05m 6s

Chapter: Networking And Security

Network Interfaces

02m 57s

DNS - dig, whois And host

04m 48s

Changing Nameservers

03m 24s

Basic Troubleshooting - ping And traceroute

05m 56s

Informational Utilities - netstat, ifconfig, route And arp

04m 44s

Packet Captures

03m 28s


04m 1s

SSH Server

03m 1s

Using Netcat

02m 29s

Chapter: Disk Management

fdisk - Partitioning

02m 54s

HDparm - Hard Drive Parameters

03m 45s


02m 56s

Logical Volume Management

02m 37s

Formatting - Making A Filesystem

02m 24s

Mounting Volumes

04m 24s

Other File Systems

03m 36s

Using Removable Media

03m 2s

Chapter: Pulling It All Together - Installing A Web Application

Installing Apache, MySQL And PHP

02m 32s

Configuring Apache

03m 27s

Loading PHP Module

02m 49s

Installing And Configuring Samba

03m 0s

Unpacking/Installing Wordpress

02m 12s

Setting Permissions

03m 26s

Creating A Database

01m 57s

Creating A User In The Database

02m 33s

Configuring Wordpress

02m 48s

Complete Wordpress Installation

03m 22s

Using HTML Editors

03m 15s

Chapter: Advanced Tasks

Bash Scripting

03m 44s

Perl Scripting

03m 8s

Python Scripting

03m 1s

Ruby Scripting

03m 29s

Writing C Programs

03m 22s


03m 1s

Chapter: Wrapping Up


02m 47s

Next Steps

02m 37s