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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To App Development

03m 20s

What You Will Learn

02m 3s

The App You Will Create

02m 27s

About the Author

01m 23s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Becoming An Apple Developer

Enlisting In the Developer Corps

02m 46s

Registering And Joining The Developer Program

02m 28s

Exploring The Dev Center

06m 19s

Downloading XCode

02m 11s

Chapter: Getting To Know XCode

Exploring An XCode Project - Part 1

07m 23s

Exploring An XCode Project - Part 2

07m 42s

Using The XCode Text Editor

04m 56s

Accessing Documentation And Preferences

06m 0s

Running Your App In The Simulator

04m 19s

Interacting With Simulated Hardware

06m 9s

Chapter: Getting Familiar With Objective-C

Objects And Classes - Part 1

04m 13s

Objects And Classes - Part 2

10m 41s

Using Header And Implementation Files

07m 42s

Working With Objects And Properties

09m 41s

Using Frameworks And Design Patterns

13m 44s

Chapter: Understanding An App

Utility Application Template - Part 1

03m 52s

Utility Application Template - Part 2

08m 46s

The App Life Cycle

10m 47s

Event And Interruption Processing

05m 5s

Background And Termination

06m 49s

Chapter: Interface Controls

Looking At The Storyboard

03m 3s

Inspecting The Main View

03m 46s

Inspecting The Flip-Side View

03m 2s

The Info And Done Buttons

04m 59s

Chapter: Animating The Main View

Working With Windows And Views

06m 33s

Adding Your Own Application Behaviours

03m 23s

Adding A Timer And Animation

05m 59s

Block Object Design Pattern

02m 35s

Adding An Image And Testing the Main View

04m 36s

Chapter: Preferences And Interface Objects

Setting Up User Preferences - Part 1

07m 51s

Setting Up User Preferences - Part 2

09m 35s

Setting Up User Interface Methods

05m 40s

Adding iPhone Interface Objects

04m 14s

Testing The iPhone Interface

05m 11s

Chapter: Adding The iPad User Interface

Designing An iPad Experience

07m 27s

Adding An Image And Interface Objects

05m 36s

Testing The iPad Interface

02m 49s

Chapter: Readying Your App For Distribution

Adding Icons And Launch Images

09m 28s

Building Your App For Distribution

07m 2s

Managing Your App In The App Store

05m 13s

Avoiding The Rejection Slip

06m 57s

Where To Go From Here

01m 19s