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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Why You Need To Plan Software Development

04m 47s

About The Author

01m 33s

About The Working Files

01m 32s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setting Up The Project File

Starting With A Rough Storyboard

03m 52s

The Initial Project File And Properties

06m 16s

Adding The Phase And Section Headings

05m 28s

Chapter: The Actual Tasks

Creating And Adding Tasks

07m 42s

Importing Task Data

05m 14s

Editing, Deleting And Moving Tasks

07m 54s

Adding Notes And Attachments To Tasks

05m 29s

The Importance Of Milestones

04m 59s

Task Relationships

07m 27s

Linking The Software Development Tasks

08m 15s

Creating Constraints And Adding Deadlines

08m 56s

Project Summary And Recurring Tasks

05m 17s

Using WBS Codes To Reference External Documentation

06m 36s

Chapter: Resources

Adding Your Project Teams

07m 15s

Material And Cost Type Resources

04m 51s

Assigning Material And Cost Resources

05m 45s

Allocating Your Team - WORK Resources

07m 54s

Reviewing Costs And Over Allocations

08m 53s

Chapter: Calendars And Time

Exploring Project Default Assumptions

05m 47s

Adding Public And Work Resource Holidays

07m 38s

Creating Your Own Calendar

03m 43s

Exploring The Timeline View

06m 4s

Chapter: Tracking

A Baseline To Measure Your Progress

05m 22s

Changing Todays Date And Customizing The Today Line

03m 13s

Updating Individual Task Progression

07m 53s

Updating Multiple Task Progressions

05m 43s

Tracking Work And Costs

07m 51s

Gantt Chart Printing

08m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Using The New Reports

03m 54s

Using The Project Plan As A Template

04m 44s