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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction - Chapter 1

01m 2s

About Andy

02m 58s

What You Will Need

05m 45s

Moving Day

05m 11s

The Mavericks Interface

05m 22s

Chapter: Staying Safe, Secure And Up-To-Date

Introduction - Chapter 2

00m 41s

The Mavericks Desktop And Dock

07m 10s

Disk Security With Disk Images

06m 16s

Working With Keychain

03m 20s

Keeping Mavericks Up-To-Date

02m 6s

Picking Up Where You Left Off

01m 22s

Chapter: Working In The Finder

Introduction - Chapter 3

00m 35s

The Finder Window

06m 55s

Using Finder Services

06m 30s

Context-Sensitive Menus

02m 25s

Working With An Alias

03m 6s

Renaming, Copying, Moving And Deleting

03m 56s

Controlling Files With Properties

04m 11s

Autosave And Versions

03m 5s

Working With Gestures - Chapter 3

02m 44s

Finder Shortcuts

03m 30s

Chapter: The Mavericks Dock And Launchpad

Introduction - Chapter 4

00m 39s

Adding And Deleting Dock Items

04m 50s

Controlling The Dock Through Options

03m 57s

Organizing With Stacks

02m 13s

Trash Versus Eject

02m 23s

Working In The Launchpad

02m 53s

Adding Additional Launchpad Screens

02m 1s

Generating Launchpad Folders

02m 22s

Chapter: Using The Dashboard And Widgets

Introduction - Chapter 5

00m 22s

The Mavericks Dashboard

03m 21s

Adding Additional Widgets

03m 9s

Chapter: Spotlight

Introduction - Chapter 6

00m 37s

Working With Spotlight

04m 41s

Performing Basic Spotlight Searches

06m 21s

Advanced Search Techniques

05m 15s

Chapter: Workspace Configuration

Introduction - Chapter 7

00m 50s

Generating A Good Appearance

03m 24s

Working In Mission Control

03m 49s

Security And Privacy

04m 52s

Controlling CD And DVD Functions

02m 49s

Managing Single And Multiple Displays

03m 30s

Saving Energy

02m 5s

Working With Gestures - Chapter 7

03m 13s

Managing The Date And Time

02m 16s

Working With Multiple Start-Up Disks

02m 11s

Backing Up Your Data

03m 46s

Chapter: Getting Connected

Introduction - Chapter 8

00m 32s

Working In The Cloud

04m 55s

Setting Up Accounts

01m 44s

Configuring Internet Settings

05m 24s

Cutting The Cords With Bluetooth

02m 49s

Sharing Settings

03m 36s

Chapter: Setting Up A User Account

Introduction - Chapter 9

00m 41s

Setting Up A User Account

06m 25s

Switching Users And Setting Permissions

03m 28s

Creating Groups And Sharing

03m 55s

Working With Notifications

04m 48s

Chapter: Working In Safari

Introduction - Chapter 10

00m 49s

Working With Safari Preferences

08m 17s

Searching And Navigating

06m 19s

Bookmarks, Reading Lists And Top Sites

06m 8s

Managing History

02m 7s

Saving Websites To The Dashboard

03m 6s

Exporting And Importing Sites

01m 58s

Chapter: Managing What You Have

Introduction - Chapter 11

00m 46s

Working With Tabs

03m 16s

Organizing Files And Folders With Tags

04m 57s

Creating Smart Folders

02m 26s

Controlling Multiple Apps With Spaces

04m 33s

Adjusting The Sidebar And Toolbar

03m 9s

Chapter: Working With Mail

Introduction - Chapter 12

00m 59s

Setting Up Mail Preferences

07m 50s

Setting Up A Mail Account

05m 34s

Controlling Mail Using Rules

04m 9s

Creating Mailboxes And Smart Mailboxes

03m 5s

Customizing The Mail Interface

02m 12s

Organizing A Conversation

02m 51s

Sending And Receiving Emails

04m 3s

Searching In Mail

02m 26s

Archiving Mail

03m 55s

Chapter: Working In iTunes And iBooks

Introduction - Chapter 13

00m 48s

Setting Up iTunes Preferences

07m 17s

Going From Music CD To iTunes

03m 3s

All About Folders, Playlists And Smart Playlists

04m 55s

Working In Genius And Radio

04m 28s

Controlling The iTunes Interface

03m 23s

The iTunes Store

02m 41s

The New iBooks App

03m 52s

Reading Books On Your Monitor

04m 35s

The iBooks Store

02m 7s

Chapter: Working With Calendar And Map

Introduction - Chapter 14

00m 38s

Calendar Preferences And Interface

07m 51s

Setting Up A Calendar Account

02m 24s

Generating Calendar Events

03m 45s

Exporting And Importing Calendar Data

05m 15s

The Map Interface

05m 37s

Searching And Pinning

03m 2s

Getting Directions

04m 8s

Chapter: Additional Features And Tips

Introduction - Chapter 15

00m 48s

Quicktime: More Than A Movie Viewer

07m 9s

Organization With The Automator

06m 44s

Using Enhanced Dictation

03m 38s

Working With Speakable Items

02m 50s

Closing Thoughts

01m 9s