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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What To Expect From This Course

02m 7s

Course Overview

03m 44s

Understanding Databases

06m 44s

Transact-SQL Basics

04m 22s

Microsoft SQL Certification

05m 3s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Course Setup

SQL Server 2012 Evaluation

04m 38s

SQL Server 2012 Installation

06m 5s

Windows 8 Server 2012 Interface

02m 57s

Windows 7 Interface

03m 19s

SQL Server Sample Database

04m 47s

Attaching The Sample Database

05m 21s

Getting Help

05m 26s

Installing SQL Books Online

06m 45s

Chapter: SQL Server 2012 Interface

Management Studio Basics

06m 13s

Connecting To SQL Server

04m 9s

Customizing SSMS

06m 4s

Utilizing Diagrams

05m 34s

Saving Diagrams

03m 7s

Text And Graphical Tools

04m 26s

Using Sample Code Files

03m 22s

About The Semicolon

03m 7s

Chapter: Database Objects And Data

What Are Objects?

03m 44s

Understanding Tables

05m 16s

Understanding Data Integrity

04m 1s

Understanding Data Types

06m 6s

Understanding Primary Keys

03m 52s

Understanding Constraints

05m 5s

Understanding NULL

05m 10s

Understanding Views

05m 43s

Understanding Stored Procedures

05m 30s

Understanding Triggers

03m 16s

Understanding Synonyms

06m 10s

Chapter: Working With Tables

Creating A Table

06m 22s

Graphical Table Creation

04m 7s

Changing A Table

05m 48s

Graphical Table Alterations

05m 53s

Deleting A Table

05m 43s

Graphical Table Deletion

03m 22s

Creating A Primary Key

05m 40s

Chapter: SQL Query Basics

Four Basic Queries

04m 55s

Thinking In SQL

06m 8s

Options And More Options

06m 3s

Good Query Structure

06m 3s


05m 9s

The USE Command

02m 34s

The GO Command

04m 11s

Chapter: The Basic SELECT Statement


03m 56s

SELECT Structure

05m 1s


04m 35s

Using TOP To Limit Rows

05m 2s

Ordering Results

06m 41s

Working With NULLs

04m 39s

T-SQL Concatenation

04m 28s

Chapter: Advanced SELECT Statements

Column Aliasing

04m 35s


05m 38s

Using SUM

05m 36s

Using AVG

04m 32s


05m 16s

Using Group By

05m 58s


04m 30s


05m 11s

Using LIKE And IN

06m 20s

Understanding UNION

06m 16s


05m 44s

Using Synonyms - Part 1

04m 41s

Using Synonyms - Part 2

03m 47s


05m 26s

What Is Ranking?

05m 42s

Using Ranking

05m 32s

More Ranking Examples

06m 33s

Chapter: Using Joins

Understanding Joins

06m 12s

Join Query Structure

06m 20s

Creating Inner Joins - Part 1

05m 37s

Creating Inner Joins - Part 2

04m 15s

Join Creation Through GUI

05m 40s

Creating Outer Joins

05m 37s

Creating Cross Joins

04m 48s

Chapter: Modifying Data

The INSERT Statement

06m 7s

Using INSERT - Part 1

05m 54s

Using INSERT - Part 2

04m 33s

The UPDATE Statement

05m 37s


05m 13s

The DELETE Statement

03m 31s

Using DELETE - Part 1

05m 42s

Using DELETE - Part 2

03m 32s

Chapter: Using Subqueries

Understanding Subqueries

05m 40s

Subquery Versus Join

04m 26s

Creating A Scalar Subquery

03m 30s

Creating A Multi-Valued Subquery

04m 12s

Creating A Correlated Subquery

05m 45s

Chapter: Advanced Table Utilization

Utilizing Memory

02m 47s

What Is A Derived Table?

06m 38s

Creating A Derived Table

05m 58s

Table Variables - Part 1

05m 52s

Table Variables - Part 2

05m 56s

Common Table Expressions

05m 5s

Temporary Tables

05m 59s

Chapter: Programmability

Programmability In T-SQL

04m 12s

What Is A Stored Procedure?

05m 3s

Why Use Stored Procedures?

04m 46s

A Simple Stored Procedure

04m 50s

Input Parameters

05m 6s

Multiple Input Parameters

03m 42s

Output Parameters - Part 1

05m 59s

Output Parameters - Part 2

05m 16s

Using Case Logic - Part 1

05m 7s

Using Case Logic - Part 2

04m 54s

Handling Errors

06m 2s

Stored Procedure Security

04m 46s

Working With Functions

03m 42s

Using Built-In Functions

04m 10s

Creating A Scalar Function

05m 0s

Creating A Table Valued Function

04m 29s

What Is Dynamic SQL?

03m 17s

Dynamic SQL Example

04m 53s

Understanding GUIDs

05m 41s

GUID Examples - Part 1

03m 35s

GUID Examples - Part 2

04m 50s

Chapter: Triggers

Using Triggers

04m 58s

Inserted And Deleted Tables

03m 29s

Trigger Examples - Part 1

05m 32s

Trigger Examples - Part 2

05m 18s

Chapter: Transactions In T-SQL

What Are Transactions?

05m 11s

Understanding Concurrency

06m 36s

Explicit And Implicit Transactions

04m 8s

Cross Platform Concerns

03m 22s

Transaction And Locking Example

06m 16s

Chapter: Under The Hood

Using Metadata

04m 37s

Using Catalog Views

06m 6s

Using Information Schema Views

05m 5s

Using System Stored Procedures

04m 48s

Chapter: Working With XML

XML Basic

05m 59s

Outputting XML From Queries

04m 51s


06m 34s


06m 18s


06m 38s

Chapter: Optimizing Queries

Optimization Basics

06m 11s

Query Execution Plans - Part 1

04m 36s

Query Execution Plans - Part 2

06m 18s

SQL Server Extended Events - Part 1

03m 1s

SQL Server Extended Events - Part 2

06m 22s

SQL Server Profiler

05m 16s

Chapter: Taking The Exam

Exam Basics

05m 38s

Taking Your Exam

06m 32s

When It Is Over

04m 55s

Chapter: Conclusion


03m 35s

About The Author

02m 50s