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Table of Contents

Chapter: About Logic Pro X

What Does Logic Do?

03m 11s

About This Course And Working Files

02m 34s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

What Is New In Logic X?

02m 52s

Windows And Screen Sets

05m 43s

Buttons, Tools And Custom Keys

13m 22s

Basic Preferences And Project Settings

04m 53s

Triggering External Synths Using The MIDI Environment

07m 27s

Sample Rates

05m 36s

Chapter: A Sample MIDI Project

Project Setup - Part 1

10m 23s

Project Setup - Part 2

10m 27s

Blue Loops And Green Loops

10m 30s


07m 44s

Customizing Bass Parts Using The ES M

07m 20s

MIDI Editing Parameters

12m 28s

MIDI Transform

10m 3s

MIDI Performance Parameters - Part 1

09m 1s

MIDI Performance Parameters - Part 2

09m 37s

Assigning A Groove Track

09m 21s

Arranging The Parts

06m 22s

Mixing The Track

11m 41s

Bouncing The Track

07m 49s

Archiving The Project

04m 36s

Chapter: Exploring Logic Pro X Plug-Ins

Intro To The EXS Sampler

11m 45s

Building A Custom EXS Patch - Part 1

05m 7s

Building A Custom EXS Patch - Part 2

04m 14s

The Vintage Synth Collection

07m 5s

The Retro Synth Collection

06m 12s

Track Stacks

05m 49s

Logic Remote

03m 11s

Space Designer

06m 13s

Delay Designer

06m 46s

Chapter: A Sample Songwriter Project

Setting Up The Songwriter Template

08m 37s

Amp Designer

06m 29s

Pedal Board

04m 45s

Swipe Comping With Audio

07m 38s

Comping With MIDI

07m 25s

Arranging The Parts Using Alternatives

06m 22s

Mixing And Freezing

06m 52s

Chapter: Bass And Drums

Bass Amp Designer

06m 4s

Intro To Drummer

06m 31s

Alternate Drum Personas

04m 33s

Tuning The Drums

05m 34s

Chapter: Editing Options For Dialog, Music And Effects

SFX And Music Libraries

05m 27s

Using EXS To Trigger SFX

04m 12s

Flex Time

05m 38s

Flex Pitch

07m 7s

Timing Music To SFX

07m 21s


05m 44s

Chapter: Working With Video In Logic Pro X

Music For Picture

04m 13s

Opening The Movie

03m 22s

Setting SMPTE Markers - Part 1

05m 59s

Setting SMPTE Markers - Part 2

03m 40s

Determining The Tempo - Part 1

05m 8s

Determining The Tempo - Part 2

06m 43s

Building The Sound Palette

10m 1s

Mixing And Exporting The Movie

09m 8s

Chapter: Wrap-Up And About The Author

Wrap-Up And About Joe Godfrey

01m 6s