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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

What To Expect From This Course

01m 53s

About The Author

02m 9s

Course Overview

04m 52s

Microsoft Exchange Server History

06m 48s

Microsoft Exchange Server Versions

05m 52s

Theory And Action

02m 11s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Course Setup

Getting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

03m 8s

Hardware And Software Requirements

05m 41s

Preparing Domains For Exchange Server 2013

03m 17s

Installing Exchange Server 2013 - Part 1

06m 10s

Installing Exchange Server 2013 - Part 2

03m 55s

Chapter: Exchange Basics

What Exchange Server Does

06m 28s

How Exchange Server Works

06m 26s

Exchange Server Technologies

05m 33s

Exchange Server Terminology

05m 55s

Exchange Server Roles

06m 6s

Exchange Server And DNS

05m 54s

Exchange Server Online

02m 31s

Mail-Flow In Exchange Server 2013

05m 24s

About The Edge Transport Server

04m 48s

Chapter: Exchange Server And Active Directory

Understanding Active Directory - Part 1

05m 52s

Understanding Active Directory - Part 2

06m 6s

Trees And Forests

03m 25s

Domain Controllers

04m 36s

Global Catalog Servers

05m 23s

The Impacts Of Exchange Server On Active Directory

05m 18s

Chapter: Exchange Server Administration

Exchange Server Administration Center

06m 27s

Exchange Server Management Shell

05m 37s

RBAC Overview

06m 8s

Understanding Journaling

04m 58s

Configuring Journaling

05m 22s

Understanding Archiving

05m 53s

Configuring Archiving

05m 36s

Database Maintenance Basics

05m 57s

Installing Cumulative Updates

04m 33s

Chapter: Mail Enabled Objects

Mailbox Basics

05m 29s

Role Of The Mailbox In Exchange Server 2013

04m 15s

Recipient Types

04m 39s

User Mailboxes

05m 52s

Mail User

05m 49s

Mail Contact

04m 53s

Distribution Group

04m 49s

Shared Mailbox

04m 53s

Mail-Enabled Security Group

05m 18s

Dynamic Distribution Group

05m 32s

Room Mailbox - Part 1

05m 45s

Room Mailbox - Part 2

05m 4s

Managing Recipient Permissions

04m 33s

Chapter: Managing Exchange Server Data

Storage Configuration Options

05m 55s

Address Lists

06m 10s

Customized Address Lists

05m 9s

Address Book Policies

05m 48s

The Offline Address Book

02m 44s

High Availability

05m 14s

Database Availability Groups

06m 17s

Chapter: Public Folders

Public Folder Basics - Part 1

05m 43s

Public Folder Basics - Part 2

06m 2s

Public Folder Placement

04m 46s

Creating Public Folders

04m 9s

Chapter: Client Access Server

Client Access Basics

05m 48s

Outlook Web Application

05m 36s

Client Access Configuration - Part 1

06m 22s

Client Access Configuration - Part 2

06m 21s

OWA Virtual Directory Configuration

05m 54s

Chapter: Backing-Up Exchange Server 2013

The Backup Plan

05m 52s

What To Backup

05m 21s

Exchange Server 2013 Backup

06m 1s

Chapter: Conclusion


05m 22s