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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What We Will Cover

02m 42s

About The Author

02m 6s

Brief History Of Rails

02m 15s

The Purpose Of Using Rails

05m 40s

Model View Controller Paradigm

05m 47s

Installing Rails Using Nitrous

03m 0s

Installing Rails Using The Rails Installer

01m 47s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Brief Tour

Brief Walkthrough Of A Small Working Rails App

02m 33s

Code Organization In Rails - What Directions Do What?

06m 15s

Model Elements Of The Blog App

03m 55s

More On Model Elements Of The Blog App

04m 26s

Controller And View Elements Of The Blog App

06m 15s

Chapter: Ruby On Rails

Brief Tour Of Ruby Syntax And How To Run Ruby Code

05m 20s

Objects And Classes - Part 1

06m 34s

Objects And Classes - Part 2

08m 47s

The Self Keyword

05m 41s

Objects And Classes - Exercise Review

03m 34s

Strings In Ruby

08m 1s

Numerics In Ruby

05m 4s

String And Numerics - Exercise Review

04m 46s

Arrays In Ruby

06m 28s

Hashes In Ruby

07m 8s

Control Structures

04m 41s

Iterating Over Collections

06m 47s

Array And Hash - Exercise Review

05m 15s


07m 43s

Iterators And Blocks - Exercise Review

04m 40s

Chapter: Domain Modelling

Creating A Rails App

03m 35s

Modelling Domains

03m 43s

Creating Models

04m 50s

More On Creating Models - Finishing The Migrations

05m 24s


06m 10s

The Rails Console

04m 20s

Many-To-Many Associations

04m 57s

Many-To-Many Associations - Testing Via The Console

05m 8s

Rails Console - Adding Data

06m 12s


05m 21s

Migrations - Changing A Field

03m 5s

Fixtures - Exercise Review

04m 55s

AR Query Interface

05m 47s


03m 40s


04m 30s

Validations - Exercise Review

06m 54s

Chapter: Controllers

Action Controller Overview

06m 28s

Routing And The Params Hash

06m 56s

Getting Values From The Model In Controller Actions

05m 42s

Generating Controllers - Exercise Review

05m 36s

Adding To Our Controllers And Routes

07m 44s

Adding A Slug Route For Projects

06m 36s

Chapter: Views

Action View Overview

03m 33s

Setting The Global Layout

05m 36s

Adding A Nav - Using View Helpers

05m 23s

Asset Pipeline Overview - Adding Some Javascript

06m 19s

Styling The Global Template - Turbolinks

03m 55s

Layouts And Rendering - How Does Rails Choose A Template?

05m 0s

Looping Over Collections In Views

04m 16s

Adding A To_S Method To Models

03m 4s

Looping Over Collections - Exercise Review

04m 3s

Displaying Related Items In The Show View

02m 18s

Partials And Content_For

06m 15s

Partials For Re-Used Content

03m 44s

Partials For Re-Used Content - Exercise Review

03m 57s

Chapter: Forms

Forms Overview

07m 45s

A Create Form For Companies

04m 37s

Form Helper Methods And Styling The Forms

05m 9s

A Create Form For Works

07m 40s

A Create Form For Projects - Exercise Review

03m 19s

Saving The New Object - The Create Action

06m 30s

The Create Action For Works

04m 17s

The Create Action For Projects - Exercise Review

05m 16s

Validation And Forms

05m 34s

Validation For Works

04m 24s

Validation For Projects - Exercise Review

03m 56s

Writing An Edit Form

05m 41s

An Edit Form For Works With Refactoring

04m 26s

Writing An Edit Form - Exercise Review

03m 12s

Forms And Ajax

06m 40s

Chapter: Authentication

Authentication Packages In Rails Filters

02m 24s

Installing Devise

05m 20s

Using Devise

05m 12s

Chapter: Mailers

Mailers Overview

03m 11s

Creating And Invoking A Mailer

05m 35s

Mailer - Exercise Review

05m 25s

Chapter: Files And Exporting

Uploading Files To The Server

04m 15s

Files - Exercise Review

04m 22s

Exporting Content To CSV

07m 21s

CSV Exporting - Exercise Review

06m 1s

Chapter: Testing

Testing Rails Apps

02m 51s

Using Fixtures

05m 35s

Writing Tests - Model Tests

04m 47s

Writing Tests - Controller Tests

05m 42s

Chapter: Refactoring And Final Exercises

Making Our App Better - Refactoring

05m 44s

Updating Associations For Maintainability

05m 38s

Extended Exercise

05m 20s

Extended Exercise Review - Part 1

05m 29s

Extended Exercise Review - Part 2

03m 24s

Chapter: Conclusion

Tips On How To Tackle A Rails App You Inherited

03m 18s

Where To Find More Information

03m 56s


00m 42s