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Table of Contents

Chapter: Excel Tables Overview

Why Take The Deep Dive Into Tables

03m 21s

What You Will Learn

02m 51s

Learning The Way You Need

06m 48s

Using The Working Files

03m 33s

Chapter: Skimming The Surface Of Tables

Skimming The Surface Of Tables

03m 11s

Why Do We Need Tables

02m 54s

Preparing Data For Tables

08m 15s

Creating Tables

07m 33s

What Changes With Tables

04m 26s

Naming Tables

06m 14s

Converting Tables Back To Ranges

03m 16s

Chapter: Working With Table Records

Working With Table Records

11m 16s

Adding And Deleting Records

05m 43s

Using The Data Entry Form

06m 27s

Adding Columns To Tables

03m 44s

Sorting Table Records

06m 31s

Filtering Table Records

08m 15s

Using Slicers In Tables

06m 9s

Chapter: Formatting Tables

Formatting Tables

10m 9s

Working With Quick Styles

05m 50s

Modifying Table Style Options

06m 56s

Creating Custom And Default Table Styles

07m 48s

Chapter: Calculations In Tables

Calculating Data In Tables

10m 19s

Excel Calculations Refresher

04m 41s

Creating Calculated Columns

04m 46s

Understanding Structured References

05m 14s

Tweaking Absolute References In Tables

09m 19s

Working With Table Rows

08m 4s

Chapter: Using Table Tools

Working With Table Tools

02m 24s

Moving Tables

06m 2s

Removing Duplicates

08m 11s

Summarizing Table Data With Pivot Tables

05m 0s

Creating Charts From Tables

04m 18s

Printing Tables

03m 3s

Chapter: Course Closing

What You Now Know

05m 36s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

04m 21s