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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Bootstrap

01m 58s

What To Expect

01m 14s

The Site Build Plan

02m 29s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setting Up Bootstrap

Examining The Framework Files

05m 57s

Documentation Overview

02m 48s

Chapter: The Grid System

Using Containers

03m 36s

Coding Rows And Columns In HTML

01m 20s

The Grid

02m 52s

Controlling The Grid Across Devices

06m 29s

Column Offsets

03m 13s

Using Nested Columns

04m 4s

Column Ordering

02m 26s

Chapter: Responsive Helpers

Responsive Images

02m 41s

Responsive Utility Classes

02m 58s

Media Queries and Breakpoints

01m 59s

Chapter: Site Structure

Building A NavBar

08m 19s

Fixing The NavBar To The Top Of The Browser

02m 34s

NavBar Dropdowns

03m 13s

Building the Intro Section

07m 13s

Building The Marketing Panel

04m 39s

Button Options

02m 56s

Building The Info Panel

03m 29s

Block Quote

02m 2s

Togglable Tabs

06m 4s


02m 4s

Building The Footer

03m 26s

Using Custom Typography

02m 42s

Chapter: The Home Page

Image Carousel

06m 57s

Carousel Navigation

04m 22s

Four Column Grid

05m 48s

Chapter: The Blog Page

Setting up the grid structure

02m 41s

Adding the blog entries

04m 53s

Pagination Component

01m 52s

Search Box Inline Form

03m 15s

Using List Groups

02m 30s

Media Component

02m 55s

Chapter: The Clients Page

Setting The Grid - Chapter 8

01m 58s


03m 5s


01m 41s

Collapse Panels

03m 52s

Chapter: The Contact Page

Setting The Grid - Chapter 9

02m 7s

Adding a Google Map

01m 54s

Horizontal Forms

04m 27s


03m 12s

Building The Sidebar

02m 33s

Chapter: Customizing Bootstrap

Customizing The Download

03m 0s

Customizing Colours

02m 58s

Starter Templates

02m 3s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

00m 56s