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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction: Computational Thinking

46m 15s

Chapter: Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra: Show Me the Monoid

15m 0s

Abstract Algebra: Data Workflows

19m 1s

Abstract Algebra: Functional Programming

23m 44s

Abstract Algebra: Performance Bottlenecks

11m 36s

Abstract Algebra: Monoids in Python

09m 54s

Abstract Algebra: Open Source Frameworks

08m 49s

Chapter: Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra: The Red Pill

12m 24s

Linear Algebra: Linear Systems

07m 50s

Linear Algebra: Least Squares Approximation

13m 1s

Linear Algebra: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

07m 53s

Linear Algebra: Principal Component Analysis

10m 55s

Linear Algebra: Open Source Frameworks

05m 27s

Linear Algebra: Algebraic Graph Theory

16m 46s

Chapter: Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics: Lies, Damn Lies Statistics, and Bayesian Statistics

15m 42s

Bayesian Statistics: Bayes Theorem

15m 23s

Bayesian Statistics: Algorithmic Modeling

15m 36s

Chapter: Optimization

Optimization: Caterpillar Won't Be Building a Social Network

39m 49s

Optimization: Gradient Descent

16m 46s

Optimization: Neural Networks

13m 33s

Optimization: Evolutionary Algorithms

08m 42s

Chapter: Summary


07m 55s