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Table of Contents

Chapter: Preparing For Pivot Tables

Series Introduction

03m 52s

What You Will Learn

03m 28s

About The Author

04m 21s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Getting Started

03m 10s

Chapter: Getting Started With Pivot Tables

Getting Started

04m 14s

Why Use Pivot Tables

06m 12s

Identifying Parts

04m 23s

Preparing Data

03m 45s

What Has Changed With Pivot Tables

06m 57s

Creating Pivot Tables - The Quick Analysis Tool

04m 51s

Using Recommended Pivot Tables

03m 27s

Creating Pivot Tables Manually

10m 29s

Reviewing Summary Calculation Details

06m 21s

Using General Pivot Table Tools

06m 41s

Chapter: Managing Pivot Table Data

Managing Data

02m 59s

Working With The Data Source

06m 25s

Controlling Pivot Table Refresh

07m 56s

Understanding The Pivot Cache

04m 58s

Working With The Pivot Cache

07m 35s

Pivoting Data In A Pivot Table

09m 48s

Chapter: Formatting Pivot Tables


04m 27s

Applying Basic Formatting

04m 6s

Modifying Pivot Table Design Using Layout Options

07m 13s

Renaming Pivot Table Fields

04m 9s

Repeating Row Labels In Pivot Tables

02m 42s

Formatting Numbers In Pivot Tables

06m 53s

Chapter: Sorting And Filtering Pivot Tables

Sorting And Filtering - Part 1

07m 22s

Sorting And Filtering - Part 2

07m 41s

How To Sort Pivot Tables

06m 56s

How To Filter Pivot Tables

10m 42s

Using Data Slicers To Filter Pivot Tables

07m 45s

Applying Timelines To Filter By Date

05m 42s

Grouping Data

04m 54s

Grouping By Date

06m 57s

Chapter: Manipulating Pivot Table Calculations

Manipulating Calculations

09m 44s

Changing Summary Calculations

07m 2s

Transforming Calculations With Show As

07m 57s

Creating Calculated Fields And Items

06m 58s

Chapter: Visualizing Data With Pivot Charts

Visualizing Table Data With Charts

03m 14s

Creating Charts

03m 53s

Manipulating Charts

07m 33s

Chapter: Course Closing

What You Now Know

06m 38s