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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Who Am I?

02m 2s

Laying Out The Future

01m 25s

Chapter: Workspace And Preferences

Customize The Workspace

08m 44s

The Magic Of Auto Recovery

04m 13s

Get In Total Control Of The Control Panel

10m 15s

What's Your Preference - Part 1

08m 3s

What's Your Preference - Part 2

09m 33s

Changing Defaults Is So Easy

04m 43s

Creating And Saving Your Own Workspace

05m 24s

Chapter: Layout

Creating, Saving, And Opening Documents

10m 21s

Making Your Rulers Measure Up

04m 51s

Your Guide To Ruler Guides

08m 11s

Outside-The-Box Thinking With Grids

11m 43s

Pages: All The Basics

05m 29s

Pages: Beyond The Basics

09m 52s

Pages: Mastering Master Pages

11m 55s

Pages: The Problem Solving Of Sections

07m 4s

Pages: Using Alternate Layout

05m 40s

Pages: Using Liquid Layout

08m 58s

Stacking Order

06m 23s

Layers Of Efficiency

11m 6s

Chapter: Frames And Objects

Drawing Objects

07m 49s

Secrets To Selecting And Moving Objects

08m 13s

The Trick To Finding And Changing Objects

04m 50s

Transforming Objects

12m 43s

Align Objects Like Never Before Possible

08m 5s

Working Smart With Smart Guides

06m 19s

Use The Content Collector To Grab Hold Of Efficiency

10m 27s

Harness The Power Of Pathfinder

07m 44s

Cornering Objects At High Speed

04m 32s

Fun With Impossible Objects

05m 31s

The Object Of This Project Is To Play With Objects

05m 5s

Chapter: Working With Text, From A To Z

Placing Text From Word Processing Applications

06m 35s

To Edit Text, You Have To Select It

05m 16s

Tricks To Editing Text

11m 8s

Find/Change For The Power User

10m 27s

GREP For Designers

07m 1s

New, Improved Hunspell Spelling

08m 49s

Now Placeholder Text Speaks Your Language

05m 18s

Make The Type In Your Layout Format Itself

07m 17s

Chapter: Give Your Type Lots Of Character

Character Formatting - Part 1

12m 27s

Character Formatting - Part 2

06m 56s

Hidden Options For Character Formatting?

07m 3s

The Hidden Power Of OpenType

09m 37s

Custom Underline & Strikethrough Magic

10m 37s

Finding Hidden Glyphs With The Glyphs Panel

05m 49s

Format An Annual Report Page

08m 25s

Chapter: Formatting The Whole Paragraph

Powerful Paragraph Alignment Features

10m 18s

Positioning Paragraphs With Indents & Spacing

08m 3s

Make Align To Baseline Grid Work For You

06m 20s

Get Composed With Text Formatting

07m 5s

Make Keep Options Work For You

06m 44s

Making Type Span Columns

07m 20s

Doing The Impossible With Paragraph Rules

10m 7s

Bullets & Numbering Secrets

09m 33s

Tabs Tips - Part 1

09m 32s

Tabs Tips - Part 2

07m 16s

Setting Up A Newsletter Page

07m 54s

Knowing Your Options With Text Frames

06m 33s

Chapter: Styles

An Inside Look At Paragraph Styles

09m 25s

Character Styles That Do It Your Way

07m 50s

What The Heck Is Next Style?

03m 7s

The Power Of Nested Styles

08m 51s

Line Styles Apply Character Styles By The Line

05m 21s

GREP Styles For Artists

03m 29s

Format Objects Efficiently With Objects Styles

06m 55s

Using Styles To Format A Magazine

07m 42s

Chapter: Text With Objects

Anchoring Objects To The Flow Of Your Text

06m 33s

Get All Wrapped Up In Text Wraps - Part 1

06m 49s

Get All Wrapped Up In Text Wraps - Part 2

05m 11s

Using Text & Objects In A Layout

02m 51s

Chapter: Long Documents

The Ins And Outs Of Linking Text Frames

05m 18s

Next Page Number, Previous Page Number

05m 46s

Making Captions Work Automatically

05m 24s

Books, One Chapter At A Time

09m 27s

Tables Of Contents

06m 34s

Setting Up A Simple Index

05m 55s

A Short Review Of Long Documents

08m 26s

Chapter: Tables

The Basics Of Setting Up Tables

03m 40s

Editing Tables - Part 1

09m 10s

Editing Tables - Part 2

09m 52s

Chapter: Graphics

Mastering The Art Of Placing Graphics

06m 42s

InDesign, AI, And PSD - Made For Each Other

05m 13s

A Look Inside The Links Panel

08m 11s

Snippet Secrets Revealed

04m 17s

Playing With Graphics In A Layout

04m 49s

Chapter: Color, Swatches, Fills, And Strokes

Mixing Color

05m 37s

Creating & Using Swatches - Part 1

07m 40s

Creating & Using Swatches - Part 2

07m 28s

Working With Gradients

04m 44s

Stroke Secrets - Part 1

09m 12s

Stroke Secrets - Part 2

07m 39s

Design A Colorful Flyer

05m 50s

Chapter: Transparency And Effects

Transparency Basics

03m 55s

Working With Feather Effects

08m 10s

Adding Transparent Shadows

09m 56s

Bevel And Emboss

05m 59s

Adding A Glow To It

03m 55s

Creating A Transparent Design

04m 5s

Chapter: Printing

An Advanced Dialog About Printing

06m 14s

Set up Your Own Custom Pre-Flight Profile

08m 40s

Packaging For Printing

04m 50s

Exporting Acrobat For Press

07m 14s

Printing Booklets From Your Desktop Printer

03m 49s

Chapter: Interactive And Animation

Making A Slide Show With Transitions

05m 20s

Super Hyperlinks

06m 4s

Have Buttons All Sewn Up

05m 17s

Authoring PDF Forms Right In InDesign

08m 11s

Multi-State Objects

06m 11s

Animating Layouts

08m 12s

Export Your Interactive Layout

07m 37s

An Animation Project

04m 22s

Chapter: eBooks With EPUB 2 And EPUB 3

An Introduction To eBooks

02m 9s

Articles Get Everything In Order

04m 57s

Anchoring Objects In Text

04m 17s

Tagging Styles For Export

04m 6s

Export To EPUB

06m 27s

A Quick Look At The Finished eBook

02m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 46s